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TEIID-2578: adding the authorization support

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TEIID-2578 introducing a narrow singleton service, allowing for embedded connetions to reconnect, and allowing some ddl operations to take place without a reload

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TEIID-4528 improving semicolon handling

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:teiid/teiid

TEIID-4284 preventing chunking with a limit/having clause

TEIID-2578 merging the feature

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Merge pull request #811 from vhalbert/teiid-4510

TEIID-4510 fix the method getMaxFromGroups()to return 1

Merge branch 'TEIID-2578' of https://github.com/rareddy/teiid

# Conflicts:

# engine/src/main/resources/org/teiid/query/i18n.properties

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestJDBCSocketTransport/testSelect.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestODBCSocketTransport/testSelect.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestSystemVirtualModel/testColumns.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestSystemVirtualModel/testTables.expected

TEIID-4284 adding pk chunking support

TEIID-4510 fix the method getMaxFromGroups()to return 1, so that each table is independently queried and the results are joined in the teiid engine

Merge branch 'TEIID-4511' of https://github.com/asmigala/teiid

# Conflicts:

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestMMDatabaseMetaData/testGetFunctionColumns.expected

# test-integration/common/src/test/resources/TestMMDatabaseMetaData/testGetFunctions.expected

TEIID-4513 implementing a dummy prepared transaction table

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TEIID-4512 calling the old method if possible

TEIID-4507 fixing a related issue with the metadata

TEIID-4511 add st_intersection function

TEIID-4509 transaction detection logic for procedures

TEIID-4508 correcting the update count logic

TEIID-4507 preventing an exception getting the update count

TEIID-4470 consolidating to a single metadata load

TEIID-4503 improving exception handling

TEIID-4502 removing useconnectormetadata

TEIID-4501 correcting the default url

TEIID-4472' allowing the sf-34 resource adapter

switching to 9.2

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TEIID-4403 allowing for larger arrays

TEIID-4478 Missed one location where it should have been calling the new findMethod(..) so that it handles any case of names

TEIID-4495 allowing the use of cxf config