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JCR-2310 : Update TokuMX documentation (Apply given remarks)

JCR-2310 : Add TokuMX documentation

Added support of the GridFS

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Merge branch 'master' of github.com:exodev/jcr into TokuMX-POC

JCR-2347: Allow to Spool content if required

JCR-2347: Fix TestCacheableWorkspaceDataManager.java

JCR-2347: Allow to implement a Value Storage non File System based

Merge branch 'TokuMX-POC' of github.com:exodev/jcr into TokuMX-POC

Upgrade to the latest version of eXo JCR 1.16.x

KER-292: Add some doc about the example project

KER-292: SessionScoped and RequestScoped beans are not accessible from the rest webapp in portal mode (jcr part)

JCR-2346: Simultaneous startup of the nodes results in failure of initialization of almost all nodes

Merge branch 'fix/1.16.x/JCR-2322'

JCR-2344: Parsing error appeared when export PDF file

JCR-2339 : DB2 and XA Datasource on JBoss EAP

JCR-2322 : Wrong order number when we use a sequence in case we add several child nodes to a new node.

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JCR-2321: If the entry still exists, we remove it thanks to a callback

WS-287: Return data type text/javascript need to be supported in case jsonp supported in Rest API (doc)

JCR-2336: New registered namespaces aren't synchronized between two nodes

JCR-2331: Fix cases where an IOException is thrown while serializing the data

JCR-2334: RepositoryCheckController mbean writes log in / when starting as Linux Service

JCR-2329: The test case has been removed

JCR-2331: Wrong Upload size on cluster mode

JCR-2330: jcrvdxxxxxxxxxx.tmp temporary files are not deleted after uploading a file

JCR-2329: Disabled temporary

JCR-2328: SetPropertyCalendarTest and TestDateValueFormat fail when the cache is disabled

JCR-2327: Allow to set permission for users that has a space in their login

JCR-2310: Improved the config error handling of TokuMXCacheStore

JCR-2320: Cannot initialize the JCR with a low batch size

JCR-2322: We use '_id' for the id of the items instead of a dedicated id field