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prevent events from propagating back to client

fix to firefox.

performance improvement, reduced network chattiness

change GWT compiler log levels from 'DEBUG' to 'INFO'

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fix to serialization of enum types

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fix to generator

fix to generator

Fixes to accommodate strict JSON parsing.

Merge branch 'master' of

cleanup imports


worked around a nasty GWT compiler issue related to varargs

add debugging option

all working again

Fix IOC API to avoid use of java.lang.Class<?> when scanning for Observer annotations.

changes to support CDI qualifiers

security fix.

Add support for isNew in EventSubscriptionLIstener



Add support for @SessionScoped

change initialization ordering

improvement to session recovery mechanism.


improvement to allow more efficient session termination

fix helloworld demo

graceful reconnection support

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Possible concurrency issue in JSONMessage.getEncoded()

Code cleanup, and fix to issue with JettyLauncher -- may result in NoClassDefFoundExceptions in some situations.

Fixes to the bus monitor. Now properly accounting for globally broadcast messages