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removing obsolete branch
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[JBPAPP-8545][AS7-5784] Fixing 710 ASIL

prepare for next dev. cycle
[JBWS-3558] prepare for tagging JBossWS 4.1.0.Final
use latest component versions
updating svn:ignore property
[JBWS-3484] refactoring AS 710 integration layer
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Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging

Use latest snapshot

use up2date JBossWS parent version
[JBWS-3482] Prevent RemoteDeployer from messing up tests result by failing to undeploy archives which previously failed to deploy

[JBWS-3482] Changes for supporting concurrent deployments

[JBWS-3483] Fixing/synching RemoteDeployer with version shipped in AS 7.1.0.Final + adding missing service declaration + adding transitive dependencies for jbossws testsuite

Updating dependencies

Updating pom.xml

Preparing for next dev cycle

Synch remote deployer address configuration with upstream

use up2date spi
Setting svn:ignore

Initial import of JBoss AS 7.1.0 container integration

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