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Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging

Use latest components

Backport fix [WFLY-2129][WFLY-3988]:Fix ejb method level annotation @PermitAll;Honors the ejb method level security permission if there is no class level security permission
[JBWS-3877] EndpointRegistry cleanup

Use latest parent

[JBWS-3846] Do no try registering null config

[JBWS-3846] Resolve endpoint configurations in PARSE phase and create proper components for handlers specified in endpoint configurations

[JBWS-3871] Remove dependency on org.jboss:jboss-common-core

Preparing for next dev cycle

Preparing for tagging

[JBWS-3668] Removing RemoteDeployer not used anymore

Use final container artifact

[JBWS-3839]:excessive ERROR logging on webservices invocation if SoapFault
Backporting WFLY 9 additional test at https://github.com/asoldano/wildfly/commit/2141438ab18ceffc2f00f3391140361941a5b769 (modified for running with webservices 1.2 subsystem version as the ASIL does not upgrade the subsystem schema on purpose)

[JBWS-3855] Fix regression

[JBWS-3854] EndpointConfigAdd does not set required PropertyService dependencies

[JBWS-2680]:Fix authentication realm name hard-coded as "EJBServiceEndpointServlet Realm"
[JBWS-3838] Sort UnifiedHandlerMetaData instances before adding to the chain

[JBWS-3842] Fix regression

[JBWS-3835] Add mechanism for restarting target container while running JBossWS tests

Backport [WFLY-3535] check

Backporting [WFLY-3905] Only execute POJO processor on WAR deployments

[JBWS-3809] integration of fix from wfly9
[JBWS-3514]:Back port fix to wildfly810 branch
[JBWS-3815] Support former log ids

[JBWS-3815] Add mechanism for setting system properties while running JBossWS tests

[JBWS-3733]:Add endpointMetrics in EndpointService
[JBWS-3793] More cleanup