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issue #109 - work on integrating with the Camel editor

fixed broken server adapters for ServiceMix 5.3 and 5.4 (see FUSETOOLS-1273)

updated server adapter versions for Karaf and ServiceMix

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    /targetplatform/JBTIS Luna Linux.launch
issue #144 temp fix for fallout in transform editor plugin

Refactored SAP Tool Suite Import Wizard

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Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fusesource/fuseide

fixed broken context menu for adding beans, logs and processes (see FUSETOOLS-1271)

issue #144 Update transform-common to reflect latest changes in camel-dozer config

* Switched literal mappings to variable mappings

* Added support for expression mappings

UI refactor from John

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Initial move of data mapper to Fuse IDE repository

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fixed wrong setup of the node context menu (see FUSETOOLS-1269)

fixed broken File connector (see FUSETOOLS-1268)

fixes file path problems in File connector properties page (see FUSETOOLS-1267)

added a launch config for windows os

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    /targetplatform/JBTIS Luna Windows.launch
fixed problem with opening debugger view on windows (see FUSETOOLS-1266)

fixed problem with resolving of destination type from uri

fixes broken JMX node in servers view ( FUSETOOLS-1264 )

JBTIS-386 - update to 4.2.2.Beta1 - TP jbosstools.multiple for complete source bundles

fix ugly eclipse title when debugging route (see FUSETOOLS-1158)

add a forced update after maven project is created (see FUSETOOLS-1100)

fixed bug with parsing of namespaces (see FUSETOOLS-1243)

added warning dialog for unconnected nodes (see FUSETOOLS-1085)

fixed broken reconnect figure feature (see FUSETOOLS-1261)

removed Fabric8 server adapter from feature (will not be shipped)

fixed ui slow down issue when bundle is deployed to server (FUSETOOLS-1250)

persisting context id values correctly (see FUSETOOLS-1123)

reworked the fuse integration perspective layout (see FUSETOOLS-1244)

added property tab category and fixed another error (see FUSETOOLS-1249)

JBTIS-386 - need base-ea for main build

JBTIS-386 - update fuse JBTIS TP and classifier to full-ea