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Update jcommander to a version released into Central.

[JBEAP-18904] WELD-2612 Conversation cleanup doesn't need to acquire two lock at the same time.

WELD-2583 INtercepted subclasses should not contain private methods with pack-private parameters, add automated test. (#1937)

(cherry picked from commit 9298f185b196bc04814a9e8e20cbc8818cec1810)

Fixing issue about spec-descriptor-property-replacement and beans.xml

WELD-2592 Modify WeldStartup to ensure cleanup after boot on all services.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.0.6.Final

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WELD-2574 Make PrivateMethodHandler serializable. Enhance PassivationTest to account for this scenario.

WELD-2519 Update tests and docs to Tomcat 9

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WELD-2522 Log warning when invalid qualifier was added.

WELD-2523 Allow to register additional bean defining annotations in Weld SE.

WELD-2524 Give ProbeExtension highest priority amongst AfterDeploymentValidation observers.

WELD-2521 Add automated test, fix resolution of interceptor in case they have no bindings.

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 3.0.5.Final

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Upgrade Weld API version in BOM.

WELD-2495 Numberguess SE README correction and pom version update.

WELD-2507: More fixes

- match the whole method signature

- better handling of class hierarchies

- improved test

WELD-2507 Add generics to test, fix factory to account for valid bridge methods in this case.

WELD-2507 Change test package, use Reflections util class.

WELD-2516 Upgrade mockito version for JDK 11

WELD-2495 Make the examples WFLY version agnostic (remove references to v8).

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WELD-2502 Do not force quit SE applications with success code, default behaviour should take care of that.

WELD-2515 Synthetic archive should use empty Scanning object instead of null.

WELD-2495 Removal of outdated/unmanaged examples, maintenance of those we want to keep. Remove webstart from examples. Remove SE hello-world; the example is way too trivial Modify JSF Login sample. Update deps in pastecode example, remove eclipse part from README. Remove JSF permalink example. Remove OSGi sample, update docs to point directly to Pax CDI repo with samples. Reflect changes in parent README, update translator example README. Minor updates to JSF numberguess for WFLY servlet version.

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WELD-2498 Add test (runnable in both, embedded and container mode) and make sure Weld does not create AT for local and anonymous classes.

WELD-2514 Add automated test, propose a fix.

WELD-2501 Add reproducer. While creating interceptor/decorator subclass, we need to inspect the interface hierarchy deeper, but not implement them directly.

Make RequestScopeEventMessageDeliveryTest use CountDownLatch.

WELD-2506: Do not optimize self invocation for private methods

WELD-2500: Probe - mark BeforeDestroyed as container events