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Initial setup of a new Errai Maven plugin

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Fix to interceptor generation when using collections as resource parameters

JUnitShell also needs to be excluded from integration-test profile

Implemented ERRAI-673: List/Set/SortedSet as @QueryParams

Updated javadoc for new match-by-id and -class capabilities

Excluded JUnitShell from maven compile (breaks deployment in JBoss)

More tests and fixes for ERRAI-670

Deleted war dir and added to gitignore

Implemented ERRAI-670: Make data-field attributes optional (still needs more tests)

Fixed error message for missing template

Prepared tests for ERRAI-670: Make data-field attributes in html templates optional

Disable gwt popup logger in logging module

Ensured to never generate the cache/debug files in .errai more than once

No longer printing gen. code to stdout (not needed: gen. code is written to files in .errai)

Added `-out` parameter to Errai's JUnitShell

`-out` is a deprecated but valid argument for GWT's JUnitShell. Applications which

use `-out` failed with `Unknown argument: -out` when `errai-weld-integration` is

on the classpath.

For reference: GWT 2.5.1 JUnitShell

Added unit test for ERRAI-672

Rename @AltLogger to @NamedLogger

Fix and regression test for ERRAI-672

Merge pull request #72 from gkropiunik/master

errai-cdi-async-databinding-tests not working on Windows and untracked files in errai-aerogear-demo

Client CDI classes were not devoted when the package name starts with `client.`

Follow up of ERRAI-465

During the build of the project some files are generated in a sub folder of the src directory. Because the project does not contain a git-ignore file these files show up as untracked files in git which could lead developers accidentally adding these files. Adding an ignore file solves this issue

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The pom defined an argLine for forked java processes that contined an line break which prevented the tests from running successfully. Removing the line break fixes this issue.

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Fixed ERRAI-671 - Build/Compilation hangs when running with only one CPU

We need at least two threads to run a code generator. One for the generator itself and one for the reflection scanner which is used by all generators. The problem was that we initialized our ExecutorService with a fixed sized thread pool sized by the number of available processors. We now use at least 2 threads or the number of processors if it's higher than 2.

Fix validation test-case failure message.

Use blacklisting utility classes for IOC black- and whitelisting

Fix and tests for ERRAI-624.

Validation scanner uses list in (like the IOC black-

and whitelists).

The behaviour of built-in scanners in errai reflections can now easily

be overridden.

Fix error message when empty string is given for errai.jboss.home property

Add errai-client-local-class-hider and jboss-as-dist as dependencies.

This way they are pulled in transitively for users.

Enhance JBossLauncher and remove unnecessary classes.

Switch JBossLauncher to ModelControllerClient interface (allows better

error messaging).

Remove CLI class (was used for manual testing during development, but no longer


Improve method of starting Jboss AS instance: attempt to connect to it

every second until success or a maximum number of attempts is reached.

Fix ioc async test for logger injector