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Revise POM for merging the exec_model branch into master as experimental (#1652)

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remove asm dependency from canonical model

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Executable model Pojo generation should inherit all DRL imports (#1649)

... and fix DSL for not() and exists() for allowing single and() as

the only parameter.

fix incremental compilation when a domain class is changed

Convert Compilation errors throwing RuntimeException into builder messages (#1648)

rebase exec model into master

Test importing an external accumulate class (#1646)

Parse the accumulateFunction from the descrs

Pass accumulate class instead of name

Fix DSL generation

fix incremental compilation when using multiple kiebase in same kiemodule

[DROOLS-2170] add class name to error message when trying to update a… (#1645)

[DROOLS-2170] add class name to error message when trying to update a not existing property

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refactor incremental compilation tests

Avoid checking for number of packages while using the executable model (#1643)

* Avoid checking for number of packages while using the executable model

* Inline

[DROOLS-2172] during segment split avoid to associate a segment to a path to which it doesn't belong (#1642)

support multi KieBases build

add support for queries and globals in incremental compilation

[DROOLS-2167] implement stacked rule unit invocations (#1640)

[DROOLS-2166] avoid NPE when trying to extract the meta data from a project with an invalid pom

Use accumulate functions from the configuration properties file (#1639)

* SumAccumulateFunction

* UserDefinedAccumulateFunction

Fix empty UserDefinedAccumulateFunction

DSL that compiles

Fix Flow Test


Correct return type for accumulate function

* Removed old AccumulateFunctions

* Return type from AccumulateFunction

* Correct return type by using the specific logic from Drools Compiler

* Refactor

* Use correct name of accumulate function while generating the DSL

Fix flow test

* Use Drools' accumulate functions

* Removed duplication from KnowledgeBuilderConfigurationImpl.java

* Removed duplication from KnowledgeBuilderConfigurationImpl.java

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DROOLS-2161 Recursive function definitions in context entries are raising compile time errors (#1638)

Don't ignore nThreads parameter (#1615)

[DROOLS-2152] fixes after mockito upgrade (#1628)

Clarify error messages for wrong "name" attributes (#1629)

+ fix name attribute in unrelated tests

upgraded to next development version

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avoid split packages in new kie-pmml module (#1637)

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[RHBRMS-3034] kie-server fails with SimpleDateFormat generated from GDST (#1632)

PMML Update with both old and new version of PMML4Compiler (#1636)

* Initial check-in for updating PMML to use POJOs where possible

* PMML update concentrating on Score card conversion

* Checkpoint before removing most of the old insert of "declare" based items

* Clean up and add license headers

* * Moved generation of the POJO code to be "pre-processor" functionality within KieBuilderImpl

* Added Regression model to the list of models that has been transformed to use the new POJO oriented approach

- Updated the rule generator templates

- Created POJO classes to replace several of the "declare" classes that were being generated; particularly those that were static in their definition

* Lots of updates to get the Tree model working and testing successfully

* More work done towards getting the MiningModel operational

* Checkpoint before building pre-compiler

* Nearing the "done point"

* Started renaming test pmml model files from .xml to .pmml

* More updates to get PMML processing completely done

* More work to get segment-to-segment transfer working

* Added in license headings

* Removed code that was machine specific

* Added fix to KieBuilderImpl so that it will not crash if the PMML compiler is not on the classpath

Disabled the unit tests for drools-scorecards module. This module will need to be updated to use the new PMML

* Revert "Added fix to KieBuilderImpl so that it will not crash if the PMML compiler is not on the classpath"

This reverts commit c332d231b0e219eed3d9c40f078eb5625151c151.

* Moved the new PMML code base to a separate module kie-pmml

* Now contains old PMML (drools-pmml) and new PMML (kie-pmml) to cover the use of drools-scorecards module

NOTE: Only one of the PMML modules should be deployed on the classpath. They both contain versions of the PMML4Compiler.

The KieBuilderImpl checks the version to call code appropriate to the version that is on the classpath.

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Remove function mapping in accumulate definition and replace it with a bind expression (#1633)

* Visit nested AND patterns in accumulate

* Accumulate takes a ViewItem rather than an ExprViewItem

* Create new composite pattern with accumulate

* Green test (without indexing)

* Added paramName in accumulateFunction

* Removed mapper from Sum aggregate function

* New declaration for inner binding

* testAccumulate1

* testAccumulate2 green

* Fix compare with null pattern in AccumulatePatternImpl

* Remove spuroius pattern in subnet

* Remove wrong add declaration and custom fit the pattern in the AccumulateImpl

Store declaration in LambdaAccumulator

All tests green

* Find source of AccumulatePatterns

* Reenabled indexedby

* Source is not an Optional

* Removed useless param names

* Removed tests

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fix incremental compilation when using type declaration

DROOLS-2151 DMN default disable Runtime type-check, ... (#1627)

* DROOLS-2151 DMN default disable Runtime type-check, ...

... provide flag to explicitly enable it.

* Add test to demonstrate type-check at compile time via env variable

Fix to rewrite function call when a parameter is "this" (#1630)

fix usage of 2 declarations from same pattern