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TASK-28034: Update cf-parent to 21-M01

TASK-4645: Create FB tasks and update projects versions/dependencies

ITOP-4722: Update project versions to 6.1.x-SNAPSHOT

TASK-26260: Upgrade cf-parent 20-M01 -> 20-RC01

Merge feature lightweight

Apply new test coverage ratio

JCR-2470: hidden ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when reindexing data

Add more details about InstallJCRServletContextListener component

Exclude existing dependency from packaging

Delete unused artifacts and moved doc that is maintained in a different project

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Add jcr profile in Portal container when addon is installed

Add properties defined in platform Distrib to make JCR work in standalone mode

Move JCR properties from Platform distrib

Optimize getting id generator for unit tests

Enhance Repository configuration and allow to redefine it by property

Install ThreadLocalSessionProviderInitializedFilter on REST and PORTAL contexts

Add common JCR addon configuration

Move common JCR actions and configuration from ECMS

Move Util Class to common JCR Module

Add activity nodetype link definition

Move commont ISPN Transaction Manager to kernel

Add JCR Addon packaging

PLF-7959 : Fix unescape HTML analyzer (#61)

* Fix unescape HTML analyzer

* Update the regex of HTML tags

Enhance projects dependency tree

Cleanup Commons from JCR

SWF-4953: Upgrade cf-parent 19-RC01 -> 20-M01

SWF-4944: Update project versions to 6.0.x-SNAPSHOT

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SWF-4943: Upgrade cf-parent 18 -> 19-RC01

JCR-2469 : continue the indexation if a node doesn't have a primary type (#60)

PLF-8320: Logout opened sessions (#59)