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JCR-2422: Failed to save file to a workspace not defined in "allow auto versioning"

Fix description:

* When a workspace doesn't belong to the list of auto-version, the workspace doesn't support this feature.

JCR-2421 : Change the current mode of the indexer after the intercept VIEW_MERGED event

JCR-2420 : Impossible to load properties of a node with empty string in reference

JCR-2418 : Add unit test TestExcerpt#testAggregateRules

JCR-2418 : Wrong fulltext index when defined an aggregate rules.

JCR-2385 : Improve check unstrust user-agent when detect mime type

JCR-2413 : Upgrade to HSQLDB 2.3.3

JCR-2390 : Support MySQL Cluster 7.3 and 7.4 + Migrate steps from innodb to ndb engine.

JCR-2402 : [WebDav] Document Auto Versioning

JCR-2192 : Allow add mixin exo:owneable for the new added node before save operation

JCR-2405: Fix a typo in log of JDBCWorkspaceDataContainer

JCR-2392 : Check compatibility with PostgreSQL 9.4

JCR-2411 : Check compatibility with PostgreSQL Plus 9.4

JCR-2408 : Backup / Restore with disable JCR Value Storage

JCR-2391 : Error when start jboss/tomcat with mysql 5.6 in UTF-8

JCR-2399 : Problem in hightlighting searched keywords in excerpt after adding some search rules

JCR-2397 : Fix the violations found by Sonar

JCR-2396 : Cannot build exo.jcr.component.core with Java 1.7.0_76

JCR-2354 : Support Java 8

JCR-2382 : Update foundation parent pom

JCR-2380 : Methods COPY, MOVE : Overwrite Header doesn't match specification

JCR-2365 : Revert the fix [Ubuntu] MIME type isn't recognized when uploading file via Nautilus

JCR-2375 : NPE with PostgreSQL 9.2 and 9.3 in jUnit tests

JCR-2371 : Update the documentation about Manageability

JCR-2368 : Create new logic for webdav: create-version and checkin-checkout

JCR-2365: [Ubuntu] MIME type isn't recognized when uploading file via Nautilus

KER-301: Propose a simple replicated eXo cache (doc)

JCR-2358: Auto-registration slows down the creation of a session

JCR-2359: Make sure that SessionReference.isStarted is not anymore a bottleneck

JCR-2353: The method SharedFieldCache.getValueIndex needs to be optimized