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JCR-2466 : check null on accessList before doing any operation on it to avoid NPE

The accessList attribute of AccessControlList is used to store the list of AccessControlEntry. This attribute is used to get the list of permissions, but it can be null.

This fix ensures that a nullity check is done before doing any operation on accessList.

PLF-8034 Fix NodeHierarchyCreator startup (#51)

PLF-7866 Enhance NodeHierarchyCreator Service (#50)

PLF-7902 : Restrict WebDAV folder listing only for some paths (#47)

RELEASE-610: upgrade cf-parent dependency to 17-M01

PLF-7889 : non-thread safe date formatting (#48)

ECMS-7602 : read-only opening file when no permission doesn't work (#45)

ECMS-7692 : Permissions changes on files are not reindexed (#43)

JCR-2463 File name too long error on values while reindexing (#44)

JCR-2464 fix async reindex when removing node (#42)

SWF-4200: Update projects versions to 5.1.x-SNAPSHOT for next development

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RELEASE-510: upgrade parent pom to 16-RC01

Merge branch 'feature/files-in-es' into develop

PLF-7411 fix javadoc

PLF-7414 : throw exception when a query fails

PLF-7414 : shitdown executor service

PLF-7414 : add logs

PLF-7414 : add a reindex method in SearchManager to return a Future

JCR-2462 : Keep old index up to date while a reindexation (#39)

PLF-7554 : upgrade to hsqldb 2.4.0 (#38)

PLF-7414 : check indexing rules to decide wether to index or not binary fields

Merge pull request #36 from exodev/fix/PLF-7397

PLF-7397 : do not use URL to work with files in tests, use inputstreams instead

PLF-7397 : do not use URL to work with files in tests, use inputstreams instead

JCR-2458 : [index recovery strategy] rsync strategy implementation

JCR-2459 : Failed recovery index on local index (#35)

PLF-7349 : change log level to debug in GroovyScript2RestLoader when a groovy script is already loaded, since it is a normal case (#33)

PLF-7169: Fix pom version

Merge branch 'feature/infinispan-8' into develop

PLF-7233 Upgrade groovy to latest version (#30)

JCR-2456: Fix artifact version after merge of jcr-services project