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JCR-2469 : enhance code quality.

JCR-2469 : enhance code quality.

JCR-2469 : continue the indexation if a node doesn't have a primary type

PLF-8320: Logout opened sessions (#59)

SWF-4734: Update project versions to 5.3.x-SNAPSHOT

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SWF-4737: Upgrade cf-parent 18-RC01 -> 18

SOC-6210 : implement new method in GroupHandler (#58)

SWF-4652: Upgrade cf-parent 18-M01 -> 18-RC01

Merge branch 'feature/secure-jcr-folders' into develop

JCR-2468 A save operation on the user session doesn't work properly

JCR-2461 : make sure JCR namespaces used in tests exist (#55)

Some methods of the test class org.exoplatform.services.jcr.api.namespaces.TestNamespaceRegistry use namespaces created in the method org.exoplatform.services.jcr.api.namespaces.TestNamespaceRegistry#testQueryNsPropName.

If this method is executed after the others methods, the namespaces do not exist and the tests fail.

This fix registers at the beginning of each test method the namespaces used in the method to make sure they exist (if the namespace already exists, it is registered again).

SWF-4468: Upgrade cf-parent 18-SNAPSHOT -> 18-M01

SWF-4388 : Set test coverage ratio for each module (#53)

SWF-4418: Update cf-parent to 18-SNAPSHOT

SWF-4418: Update projects versions to 5.2.x-SNAPSHOT

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JCR-2467 : log warn message about exo.jcr.spoolConfig.swap.live.time only when it has an invalid value (#54)

A warn log was displayed when the value of the parameter exo.jcr.spoolConfig.swap.live.time was not valid or not set, which resulted in displaying this log with the default configuration (default configuration do not set it and use the default value -1).

This fix displays the warn log only when the value is not valid.

JCR-2415 :Allow to clean swap files after re-indexing data (#28)

SWF-4382: Upgrade cf-parent 17-M01 -> 17-RC01

PLF-8034 Fix NodeHierarchyCreator startup (#51)

PLF-7866 Enhance NodeHierarchyCreator Service (#50)

PLF-7902 : Restrict WebDAV folder listing only for some paths (#47)

RELEASE-610: upgrade cf-parent dependency to 17-M01

PLF-7889 : non-thread safe date formatting (#48)

ECMS-7602 : read-only opening file when no permission doesn't work (#45)

ECMS-7692 : Permissions changes on files are not reindexed (#43)

JCR-2463 File name too long error on values while reindexing (#44)

JCR-2464 fix async reindex when removing node (#42)

SWF-4200: Update projects versions to 5.1.x-SNAPSHOT for next development

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RELEASE-510: upgrade parent pom to 16-RC01

Merge branch 'feature/files-in-es' into develop