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SECURITY-415 : Avoid WebDAV folding by parameter

SECURITY-415 : Avoid WebDAV folding by parameter

ECMS-7602 : read-only opening file when no permission doesn't work (#45)

ECMS-7692 : Permissions changes on files are not reindexed (#43)

JCR-2463 File name too long error on values while reindexing (#44)

JCR-2464 fix async reindex when removing node (#42)

SWF-4200: Update projects versions to 5.1.x-SNAPSHOT for next development

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RELEASE-510: upgrade parent pom to 16-RC01

Merge branch 'feature/files-in-es' into develop

PLF-7411 fix javadoc

PLF-7414 : throw exception when a query fails

PLF-7414 : shitdown executor service

PLF-7414 : add logs

PLF-7414 : add a reindex method in SearchManager to return a Future

JCR-2462 : Keep old index up to date while a reindexation (#39)

PLF-7554 : upgrade to hsqldb 2.4.0 (#38)

PLF-7414 : check indexing rules to decide wether to index or not binary fields

Merge pull request #36 from exodev/fix/PLF-7397

PLF-7397 : do not use URL to work with files in tests, use inputstreams instead

PLF-7397 : do not use URL to work with files in tests, use inputstreams instead

JCR-2458 : [index recovery strategy] rsync strategy implementation

JCR-2459 : Failed recovery index on local index (#35)

PLF-7349 : change log level to debug in GroovyScript2RestLoader when a groovy script is already loaded, since it is a normal case (#33)

PLF-7169: Fix pom version

Merge branch 'feature/infinispan-8' into develop

PLF-7233 Upgrade groovy to latest version (#30)

JCR-2456: Fix artifact version after merge of jcr-services project

JCR-2456 : merge project jcr-services into project jcr (#32)

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SWF-3886: Add LGPL license file

RELEASE-258: Update cf-parent to 16-M01

PLF-7169 : Upgrade eXo Platform to ISPN last version (8)

fix exo-services version

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