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Remove author line

Use new version of CSRFToeknUtil

Add Method Invoke Filter to check CSRF Annotation

Create MethodInvokFilter when ExoCSRFProtection is used

SWF-4652: Upgrade cf-parent 18-M01 -> 18-RC01

SWF-4468: Upgrade cf-parent 18-SNAPSHOT -> 18-M01

SWF-4388 : Set test coverage ratio for each module (#6)

SWF-4418: Update cf-parent to 18-SNAPSHOT

SWF-4418: Update projects versions to 5.2.x-SNAPSHOT

SWF-4382: Upgrade cf-parent 17-M01 -> 17-RC01

RELEASE-610: upgrade cf-parent dependency to 17-M01

PLF-7921: disallow listing the rest API services for unauthenticated users. (#5)

SWF-4200: Update projects versions to 5.1.x-SNAPSHOT for next development

RELEASE-510: upgrade parent pom to 16-RC01

PLF-7233 Upgrade groovy to latest version (#4)

SWF-3886: Add LGPL license file

RELEASE-258: Update cf-parent to 16-M01

WS-297 : Creating new instances of DocumentBuilderFactory And Transfo… (#2)

SWF-3869: Update cf-parent to 16-SNAPSHOT

SWF-3869: Update all PLF components versions to 5.0.x-SNAPSHOT version

WS-300: Fix unit test by cleaning up data at the end of the test

SWF-3837: Update version from 2.5.x to 2.6.x

PAR-365: Update to cf-parent:15-RC02 for Java 8

RELEASE-109: use cf-parent:15-RC01 to deploy in eXo Nexus

SWF-3657: Prefix POMs name by eXo PLF::

SWF-3658: [exo-release] Update RELEASE dependencies to SNAPSHOT dependencies after Release.

[exo-release](mgreau) SWF-3658: prepare for next development iteration

[exo-release](mgreau) SWF-3658: prepare release 2.5.0-M02

SWF-3658: [exo-release] Update SNAPSHOT dependencies to RELEASE dependencies before Release.

SWF-3650: [eXoR] Update RELEASE dependencies to SNAPSHOT dependencies after Release.