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populate when --<tab> is called

should populate before listing possible option names

make sure that the command object is populated when doing completion

0.52 dev cycle

0.51 release

console and exportmanager might be null

fixed vitests ignoring redirection and multiline tests for now...

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Merge pull request #53 from aslakknutsen/test_failure

Add CountDownLatch and Exceptions List to feed information back to main ...

Update Console tests to use BaseConsoleTest.invokeTestConsole

invokeTestConsole handles:

* Creation of Pipes

* Creation of Console

* CountDownLatch setup

* Verification Exceptions

invokeTestConsole comes in 3 different varieties:

* Setup, Verify

* CallbackCount, Setup, Verify

* CallbackCount, Setup, Verify, SettingsBuilder

CallbackCount is the CoundDownLatch number to use. How many callbacks

should we wait for before moving on.

Add CountDownLatch and Exceptions List to feed information back to main thread

TestConsoleCallback function as a base class for ConsoleCallback in tests

that takes a CountDownLatch and List<Throwable>.

The TestConsoleCallback expose a verify method that can be used as a

replacement for execute in ConsoleCallback to verify the execution.

The TestConsoleCallback takes care of adding caught exceptions to the

exception list and call the CountDownLatch when done.

Waiting for the CoundDownLatch and re throw of Exceptions caught in the

TestConsoleCallback needs to be done in the Main thread executing the test

method so the errors are reported back to JUnit.

Remove travis ci gradle parallel override

Test failure has nothing to do with running in parallel

Attempt to turn parallel test execution off to avoid random test failure on CI

Add TERM=dumb to travis config to get clean output from gradle

Add travis build status image

Merge pull request #52 from aslakknutsen/travis_fix

Make the travis.yml file hidden

fixed checkstyle

Make the travis.yml file hidden

Merge pull request #51 from aslakknutsen/travis

Add travis-ci configuration

Add travis-ci configuration

Builds on OpenJDK 7, OracleJDK 7 and OracleJDK 8

added specific executorservice for the execution reader, plus some cleanups

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each process is given a unique pid

[AESH-220] ResultHandler can now be added to ProcessedCommand through annotations or builder api

[AESH-220] added ResultHandler and changed CommandResult to be able to store a specific value

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make sure to set search to null when buffer is reset

Merge pull request #50 from koentsje/POSIX-on-Windows

Make POSIXTerminal run on Windows

Make POSIXTerminal run on Windows

0.51 dev cycle

releasing 0.50

[AESH-219] make sure that uppercase and lowercase word actually works on the whole word and not from beginning and to the cursor position.

[AESH-217] removed the Settings dependency in InputProcessor