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Fix CDI deployment detection

Only start WeldBootstrap once per the entire deployment


Get EJBs working

WELD-1338 Add support for passivationCapable flag

WELD-1243 Added implementation of ExtendedAnnotationDiscovery

Use SNAPSHOTs again

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.Beta6

Upgrade components


Stash - refactor BeanArchiveProcessor to allow for implict bean archives

Move BeanArchiveProcessors to execute after WeldTypeDiscoveryProcessor

Put DotName function to the right place

Rename BeanArchiveMetadata to better describe what it does

Javassist is no longer a dependency of Weld

Add WeldTypeDiscoveryProcessor which takes care of preparing WeldTypeDiscoveryConfiguration

Use Weld SPI 2.0-SNAPSHOT for now

Build against 7.2.0.Final !!!

Upgrade Weld API to 2.0.Beta5

Keep up with Weld core (CDI API upgrade, Weld SPI upgrade, minor changes)

Upgrade Interceptors API to 1.2 (Alpha1)

Upgrade Common Annotations to MR2 (@Priority)

Upgrade CDI API to 1.1-PFD

Upgrade to Weld SPI 2.0.Beta4

Upgrade CDI API to 1.1-20130222

WELD-1330 Isolate conversation activation into CDI Conversation Filter

Adapt to the new JBoss AS module layout

WELD-1314 Fix InjectionTarget for SessionBeans

WELD-1089 Resource type is not checked against matching object in the Java EE component environment