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extended the model to not only hold global endpoint uris but also their ID in a map

ref endpoints now use the icon of the referenced endpoint (see FUSETOOLS-1280)

added the initial version of a dbl click handler extension point (see FUSETOOLS-1279)

fixed problem with path selection in file component field directoryName

Fixes #149 Add expression mapping support to transformation editor

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JBTIS-404 - update JBTIS TP and tycho versions for 7.3.0.Beta3

issue #150 API should allow for edits to existing operations

upgraded archetypes and xsd schemas to 2.15.0 of Camel

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removed obsolete property model files and excluded path parameters from properties view

added a generic path tab to edit the uri path parts

issue #109 add support for data transformation palette extension

issue #158 - minor tweak for Windows paths in system ID

issue #156 Move to Camel JAXB models for Spring and Blueprint

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Fixes #148

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added constructor for compatibilty reasons

refactoring for Camel 2.15

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extended camel component model generator

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Update ReadMe.md

updated mailing list info

added mailing list info

upgrade to Camel 2.15.0

fixed broken server adapters for ServiceMix 5.3 and 5.4 (see FUSETOOLS-1273)

updated server adapter versions for Karaf and ServiceMix

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    /targetplatform/JBTIS Luna Linux.launch
issue #144 temp fix for fallout in transform editor plugin

Refactored SAP Tool Suite Import Wizard

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Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/fusesource/fuseide

fixed broken context menu for adding beans, logs and processes (see FUSETOOLS-1271)

issue #144 Update transform-common to reflect latest changes in camel-dozer config

* Switched literal mappings to variable mappings

* Added support for expression mappings

UI refactor from John

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Initial move of data mapper to Fuse IDE repository

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