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Maven surefire plugin version defined

Maven jar plugin version defined

RF-13977: prevent EL expression from executing methods

RF-14002: fix popup hiding

RF-13251: implement focusing of nested inputs

RF-10350: improve collapsiblePanel JS API

RF-14001: add atmosphere-runtime-native to dependencyManagement

Merge pull request #139 from richfaces/RF-14000_showcase

RF-14000 Showcase: Rewrite configuration updated, welcome files updated,...

RF-14000 Showcase: Rewrite configuration updated, welcome files updated, Rewrite upgraded

RF-6687: fix tab behavior, enable showPopup by key

enable file filtering (RF-11984)

RF-11984: fix extension handling

RF-6687 Navigate calendar with keyboard - test fixed

RF-6687: add keyboard navigation for calendar

RF-12934: fix tooltip hiding

RF-12934: fix tooltip delay in ajax mode

RF-11770: set fastStep="3" in datascroller examples

RF-13997: remove jsp files, fix homepage references and links

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RF-13990: specify Java version for maven

RF-11684: improve fastStep handling

RF-11984: enable file filtering in dialog window

RF-12799: add hotkey attribute

RF-11376: panelMenu - improve visibility on hover

Photoalbum tests: added modified arquillian.xml, updated tests using file upload

RF-13971 TomEE upgraded to 1.7.1

test for file upload refactored

page fragment for file upload fixed to work also with PhantomJS

tests for focus defaults refactored

RF-13991: add support for EL 3.0

tests for focus manager refactored