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Minor correction to JBossServletContainer javadoc

Add property to configure dev mode deployment context

renamed local class hider and added it to parent pom

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JBossLauncher: Ensured input and error stream redirection work in Java 6

Adding new jboss module to root pom

Launch standalone.bat if platform is windows

Merge branch '2.4'

Fixed ERRAI-661: PropertyChangeHandlers not firing when root of property chain changes

Fixed tests in errai-ioc-bus-support

Implemented ERRAI-538: Global error handling to catch uncaught exceptions in ErraiBus

Merge pull request #69 from remi-parain/master

missing toLowerCase() call + missing null test on plugin dependency

Merge branch '2.4'

Changed fix for ERRAI-591 to not introduce dep. on Weld and also work with WildFly 8.Beta1

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"maven-war-plugin" dependency should not be mandatory. The build should not crash if the dependency is missing.

Signed-off-by: remi-parain <>

$platform should be lowercase to avoid FileNotFoundException

Without this fix, the process crash on Linux while working fine on OSX

Signed-off-by: remi-parain <>

Fixed RPC error reporting so it displays the additionalDetails sent from the server

This was a surprisingly deep-cutting change: RPC error handling used to go through 3

times as many callbacks as it does now (and it ended up displaying a useless client-

side stack trace in the error dialog)

I also eliminated the transportToBusCallback in favour of a new public sendLocal()

method that does what it says. Transports now deliver messages into the bus itself,

which simplifies all message deliveries--not just errors.

Fixed ERRAI-651: No server-side dependency to Errai UI (also fixes ERRAI-655)

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Fixed ERRAI-656: Silence WELD warning of ErraiService missing constructor

Moved PageReguest and MapsTo to common to avoid server side dep. on navigation

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Fixed ERRAI-657: Weld warning for ErraiServiceBean and MessageBusBean

Removed @Portable from navigation event to avoid server-side dep.

Merge pull request #68 from jbarop/ERRAI-653-fix

Fix broken build by adding CDI to errai-ui-demo-i18n

Fix broken build by adding CDI to errai-ui-demo-i18n

Followup of

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Merge branch 'ERRAI-658' of

Removed compile-time dependency from errai-ui to errai-cdi-client


Add jboss launcher and client-local-class-hider projects.

JBossLauncher is used for remote controlling a JBoss AS in gwt devmode.

The client-local-class-hider is necessary so for the JBoss AS instance

to deploy the webapp directory with gwt classes present.

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Removed ScopeUtil to get rid of a dependency to weld internals

- Its purpose is unclear to us: The tests and demos don't seem to be affected by removing it

- The theory is that the async dispatcher (which is no longer used with errai-cdi) necessitated associating the servlet request with Weld's request context because it separated the incoming request thread from the actual worker thread

Merge branch 'kospiotr-master'

Fixed line endings (CRLF->LF)

Cleaned up Sender<T> support in errai cdi to not introduce dependency on Weld