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JBQA-7293: added property additionalSystemProperties

jenkins test suite class and maven modification added

JBQA-7293 Add maven debug profile to parent pom and clean it up from tests poms

I added the debug profile to tests/pom.xml which is the common ancestor for all tests.

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eclipse launchers removed

Added gitignore

update Runtime-detection tests to use Seam-2.3.0.FINAL

portlet/gatein tests: added .gitignore

runtime-detection tests: added .gitignore

runtime-detection tests: jenkins job debugging

Added depency org.eclipse.jdt.feature.group to work properly on Mac OS.

Change plugin version to 4.0.0.

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Jenkins fix for OpenShift tests

JBQA-7264: Get running BPEL bot tests on Juno

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JBQA-6557: JSF tests automation jobs Fixes for JBT 4.0.0.Beta1

Reddeer repo added into hb ui bot test pom.xml

Added drools source codes.

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JBQA-6556: VPE tests automation jobs

Fixes for JBT v.4.0.0.Beta1

JBQA-6446 Added .gitignore and removed local path from .project

fix JBIDE-12955 use jbosstools-build/parent for parent relativepath

JBIDE-12951 add bin and target to all root .gitignores

JBIDE-12943 Remove all swtbot tests from the original repos

While removing the swtbot tests from all the other repos I noticed that org.jboss.tools.jst.ui.firstrun.bot.test actually isn't ours and we never used it. So we will leave it in the jst component and remove from here. I consulted this with vpakan.

JBQA-6446 Added new examples in JBoss Central Cleanup

Adding a basic .gitignore

JBQA-7263: Get running ModeShape bot tests on github

Merge pull request #2 from apodhrad/JBQA-7108

JBQA-7108: Ensure that all soa bot tests are on github

Merge pull request #3 from ldimaggi/master

Pull request to add (draft) test suite for Mylyn

Added new draft Mylyn tests

JBQA-7108: Ensure that all soa bot tests are on github

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