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TOOLSDOC-382: Rebuilt doc for customer portal, content unchanged

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[JBIDE-13694] bumping openshift maintenance 2.4.0->2.4.1

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[JBIDE-13588] corrected upper bound of required egit plugins to 3.0.0)

JBIDE-13410 bump parent pom version to 4.0.1.Final

bump parent pom ref to 4.0.0.Final-SNAPSHOT

[JBIDE-13066] replaced dependecies to hardwired cartridges by matchers

When the user checks/unchecks cartridges required (additional)

cartridges/applications and conflicting cartridges are checked for. So

far these dependencies were expresses by hardwired cartridge names. Now

these were replaced by matchers which select among the available ones

[JBIDE-13217] replicating file permissions when copying

[JBIDE-13219] not displaying pw in form if "save pw" is not checked

[JBIDE-13171] storing & erasing password when editing connection

Fixed bug where a change in the "save password" checkbox did not get

propagated to the connection that was edited. Thus unchecking/checking

"save password" did not store/erase the password in the secure storage

for existing connections.

[JBIDE-13157] corrected loading of malformed urls with http:// scheme

Corrected the regex that was used to correct malformed URLs to also match

URLs with http://

[JBIDE-13158] removed connection lookup by usename and host

Removed ConnectionsModel#getConnectionByUsernameAndHost since this is

not required any more. This was used when embedding cartridges on an

existing application. This code was created when JBT was using the

legacy client. With the new client applications can be create with the

domain, no need to lookup the connection any more

[JBIDE-13146] logging when connection for adapter was not found

[JBIDE-13144] fixed connection string composition

[JBIDE-13143] fixed failing removal of malformed connections

Fixed failing removal of connections. Fixed the url building code that was

messing with schemes.

Merge branch 'JBIDE-12146' into jbosstools-4.0.x

[JBIDE-13141] fixed bug when creating connection out of urls

Fixed error that was creating urls in the form

https://user%40redhat.com@https://. Also introduced method that would

correct those when loading them from the preferences


[JBIDE-12146] fixed getting git uri for configured remote (not origin)

Changed ExpressServerUtils#findProjectsForApplication to get the uri

for the configured remote (was: origin). Added #getRemoteURIs(String

remoteName, IProject project) for this sake.

[JBIDE-13118] corrected alignement of OK-button in ApplicationPortforwardingWizardDialog

Corrected alignement by removing ApplicationPortForwardingWizardDialog

by removing it and using OkButtonWizardDialog instead (which is fixed

and is already used in ManageSSHKeysHandler)

[JBIDE-13115] fixed dialog not closing when using non-default server

fixed bug by removing erroneous binding that was resetting model

connected state after successful connection validation

[JBIDE-13095] now using internal JSch plugin classes, not trying to load in a compatible manner

Fixed - JBIDE-13090 PortForwarding dialog should inform that application may be stopped if no port is retrieved from server

[JBIDE-13087] switched from mongodb 2.0 to mongodb 2.2

Fixed - JBIDE-13069 - Could not find any files matching glob Adding tail options in the dialog and setting proper description in the wizard header

Fixed - JBIDE-13069 Could not find any files matching glob

Merge branch 'JBIDE-12909'

[JBIDE-13072] ensure OK button is right aligned (by excluding it from layouting)

[JBIDE-12909] persisting default hosts by username, custom hosts by url so that former JBDS releases can still use those. Reading default hosts from legacy preferences so that old settings are preserved.

[JBIDE-13034] corrected connection lookup by user and host

Merge branch 'JBIDE-12897'

[JBIDE-12897] Added Key property to user properties view (shows the key that the connection is stored in the preferences with). Added "(default)" marker in connections-combo and OpenShift Explorer. Made sure user may define new server while using default host url but connection wont be default. Added tests.