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TOOLSDOC-382: Rebuilt doc for customer portal, content unchanged

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compile errors from bad merges

JBIDE-13893 maintenance

JBIDE-13711 docs typo

test error revisited... see also JBIDE-13821

Fix test errors in testRootFolder and testRootFolderExcludeZ

These tests are filing because it should count .project file as well.

Expected counters are incremented to mach number of deployed files.

maintenance unit tests failing

update test for 4.0.1

JBIDE-13597 disables hyperlink if no runtimes for download

JBIDE-13714 Typo runtimea instead of rutime

fix for typo in extension point definition

jbide-13715 to maintenance

Changing product to all capital letters as it is a constant

further documentation changes as per max

newline not needed in reverted file

Unit test for JBIDE-13690 string version method, renamed product name as per max request

JBIDE-13690 portion for eap6.0-based products

JBIDE-13690 unnecessary file added

JBIDE-13690 to maint initial commit

fixing pom.xml for new server adapter version

JBIDE-13537 jpp not recognized by runtimes scanner. server is identified but not created

JBIDE-13557 additions for test

JBIDE-13408: Use released version of Maven plugins

JBIDE-13897 via cherry-pick plus small merge issues

fixing compile error from the selective merge

a modified commit of 8d2cf17, adding new api for launch args

JBDS-2470 some cleanup and addition of a jpp serverbean type

JBIDE-13410 bump parent pom version to 4.0.1.Final

JBIDE-13582 - JBoss EAP 6.1.0.DR4 is recognized as AS 7.2

jbide-13537 make the runtime wizards less strict, protect against npe's if the server bean cannot figure out what is being installed