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Fix to use 0.16.0-SNAPSHOT instead of 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT which got purged

jbide-13537 make the runtime wizards less strict, protect against npe's if the server bean cannot figure out what is being installed

jbide-13537 server adapter name and runtime type name updated with tech preview

new server adapter type for as72 / eap6.1

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JBIDE-13495 Bump server/archives version to 3.4.100 in master

version updated to 3.4.100 to match approach form as component

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errors in astools test suite

JBIDE-13459 final test not updated for eap6

JBIDE-13459 one incorrect @Test, and one test incorrectly testing against deploy only server

JBIDE-13459 most tests cleared by adding as71 as part of as7 server types in plugin.properties (used for test extensions in plugin.xml)

JBIDE-13444 move deployment scanner additions into control of behavior delegates

JBIDE-13425 regression for eap 5, with both a backwards isEmpty return and a bad heirarchy for eap5

JBIDE-13425 work to centralize default arguments

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Missing eap5 extended properties

JBIDE-13420 added missing descriptionURL attribute to feature.properties

changes for jbide-13213 forgot to remove listener during dispose

changes for jbide-13213 forcing a model listener instead

Reverting the 7.x to 7.1, though leaving all other changes as they needed to be done. JBIDE-13314

centralizing some of the ui elements which were spread out throughout wizard fragments into a more convenient location which helps clean the wizards. Was originally related to as 7.2, but this needed to be done anyway. Originally related to JBIDE-13314

jbide-10525 small changes and comments

JBIDE-13213 to master

JBIDE-13382 behaviour to behavior

JBIDE-13263 disables remote scanner changes until further api can be developed

JBIDE-13263 disables remote scanner changes until further api can be developed

jbide-13263 fix regression for metadata deployment

adding additional comments

modifying fix as per max's request

JBIDE-13346 unnecessary logging of warning in this specific case requires new added method signature

forgot to remove an import for a test which was moved