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[JBIDE-13806] showing push results in console again

Put the code in place again, that was removed by mistake when implementing


[JBIDE-13866] using latest client

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
[JBIDE-13888] fixed client to use correct user agent

[JBIDE-13867] using latest client jar

[JBIDE-13819] include latest openshift-java-client

[JBIDE-13560] fixed all typos Openshift->OpenShift

update parent pom version to 4.1.0.Alpha2

[JBIDE-13737] added a restart action to the application

In OpenShift Explorer one can now restart an application via

"Restart". The action does not state checking though, it simply tells

the application to restart. Timeouts, which occurr almost always

if the HttpUrlConnection timeouts of the JDK are not increased,

are simply swallowed.

[JBIDE-13664] added log4j.properties to build.properties

to solve the missing tracing options, Nick Boldt added .options

file to build.properties. To solve the logging I now furthermore

added the log4j.properties to build.properties

add .options to build.properties so it's in the binary output (JBIDE-13664)

[JBIDE-13689] removed hard coded embeddable cartridges from JBT

removed hard coded embeddable cartridges from JBT code and tests. Built a

new openshift-java-client to allow this.

[JBIDE-13569] replaced client lib that only waits for DNS resolution

Added openshift-java-client-2.1.0 that does not wait for health-url,

only waits for DNS resolution as discussed in


related commits in openshift-java-client:



[JBIDE-13559] switched to new client that talks proto 1.0

Switched to new client that requests protocol 1.0 (was: 1.1) which

does not return the application-type when embedded cartridges are


[JBIDE-13522] reports host not reachable, added new openshift-java-client

When checking the user credentials, different exceptions are thrown.

There's a general purpose exception when something goes wrong. So far

it reported invalid credentials whereas it should have reported that

it could not verify the credentials.

Furthermore the new openshift-java-client 2.0.3 was added sice it

now supports double quoted libra_server values in express.conf

Merge branch 'jbosstools-4.1.0.Alpha1x'

[JBIDE-13496] remove tests ensure mutual exclusivity of Postgres and MySQL

[JBIDE-13494] bump plugin- and feature-versions 2.4.0->2.5.0

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
[JBIDE-13494] bump plugin- and feature-versions 2.4.0->2.5.0

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
[JBIDE-12381] added tracing facility to the openshift-client bundle

Added the ability and made sure the tracing option show up in the eclipse

preferences (via org.eclipse.ui.tracing extension point)

JBIDE-13476: Remove bootstrap profile

[JBIDE-13235] allow embedding mysql and postgresql at the same time

[JBIDE-13250] making sure correct connection is selected

Made sure the correct connection is looked up. Cleaned and refactored

the whole wizard page.

[JBIDE-13175] Also check if branch is ahead of remote

The OpenShift server adapter only checked if there were uncommitted

changes. It did not check if there are local commits that should get

pushed to OpenShift

JBIDE-13420 added missing descriptionURL attribute to feature.properties file

opening up version ranges for egit plugins to '2.0.0' and up

updated with new screenshot and text relating to tailing files (as per: JBDS-2410)

[JBIDE-13066] replaced dependecies to hardwired cartridges by matchers

When the user checks/unchecks cartridges required (additional)

cartridges/applications and conflicting cartridges are checked for. So

far these dependencies were expresses by hardwired cartridge names. Now

these were replaced by matchers which select among the available ones

[JBIDE-13217] replicating file permissions when copying

[JBIDE-13219] not displaying pw in form if "save pw" is not checked

JBIDE-12951 cleanup .gitignore