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[JBIDE-14633] logging client-lib to trace-facility only

[JBIDE-13020] prompting for ssh keys if none uploaded yet

[JBIDE-14475] fixed domain name validator

[JBIDE-14474] removed check for app existence in context-menu

[JBIDE-14470] fixed NPE when running EGit tests

[JBIDE-12015] changed labels Location->Git Clone Destination

[JBIDE-14461] migrated code to EGit 3.0

[JBIDe-14459] switched embedding wizard, fixed cartridge sorting

[JBIDE-14459] use nice labels in app wizard for app type and embedd. cartridges

[JBIDE-14455] using latest openshift-java-client

[JBIDE-13401] using correct default deployment folders for jbossas, eap, ews

fixing compilation errors in tests

[JBIDE-14442] using latest openshift-java-client jar

[JBIDE-13961] warn user when he's removing a cartridge

[JBIDE-14431] using new openshift-java-client library

[JBIDE-14418] bumped pom to use Beta1 parent pom

[JBIDE-14404] using new client with fixed port forwarding parsing

[JBIDE-14342] added log message with link in case of timeout

When embedding jenkins timeouts were reached very frequently in the latest

OpenShift incarnation (Online). In these cases jenkins credentials could

not get reported. We now display an appropriate error message with a link

to the environment variables.

At the same time I now increased the default timeouts to 2 mins (was: 1 min)

in the client and included this new client in JBT/OpenShift

[JBIDE-14392] corrected erroneous instanceof declaration for embedded cartridge

[JBIDE-14391] added new client library to JBT/OpenShift

replaced existing openshift-java-client 2.1.0 with new

openshift-java-client 2.2.0 (supports protocol 1.2)

[JIBDE-14000] moved OpenShift server adapter to OpenShift category

[JBIDE-14357] checking "use default server" when you switch to new conn

[JBIDE-14342] informing user of missing info when no creation log

It currently happens that OpenShift does not provide any creation log.

We inform the user with "<no information reported by OpenShift>"

[JBIDE-14324] make sure connection used to import gets the most recent

[JBIDE-13958] fixed erroneous pw clearing when editing connection

[JBIDE-14004] corrected check if tracing is enabled

[JBIDE-13769] corrected maven import error

Corrected error message in case of a maven import error. Using the

OpenShift application name instead of the project name since we

have no project name yet

[JBIDE-13075] publishing new project in application/import wizard

[JBIDE-12054] removed erroneous error dialog

[JBIDE-14098] only commit after proj import if changes were made