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[JBIDE-15812] fixed NPE when restarting app from server adapter

Merge branch 'JBIDE-15801-41' into jbosstools-4.1.1.Beta1x

[JBIDE-15801] corrected icons for restart app, edit env vars, new server

[JBIDE-15801] corrected icons for restart app, edit env vars, new server

[JBIDE-15797] resized icons to 14*14, used openshift log for connection

[JBIDE-15759] only switch to first domain-app if "use existing"

[JBIDE-15771] corrected menu location

[JBIDE-15597] finishing implementation

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
[JBIDE-15694] bumped parent pom

[JBIDE-15676] using EGit timeout when pushing, cloning, fetching etc.

[JBIDE-15706] ensure new domain gets selected in app wizard

Merge branch 'JBIDE-15484-41' into jbosstools-4.1.x

[JBIDE-17511] ensure a null-apptype wont crash OpenShift Explorer

[JBIDE-15708] lookup connection for default and non-default host

When the user being searched for is using the default host, make sure to

search the connection map for both a full connection url or a truncated

one (implying default host).

JBIDE-14018 - adds ability to customize commit message during publish

Separating out dialog into its own class

JBIDE-14018 removing unnecessary checkbox which serves no purpose

[JBIDE-15679] fixed compilation errors in tests when switching to client 2.5.0

Merge branch 'JBIDE-15679b' of git://github.com/xcoulon/jbosstools-openshift into JBIDE-15679-41

Merge branch 'JBIDE-15653' into jbosstools-4.1.x

[JBIDE-15682] (re-)added connection button to exlporer toolbar

[JBIDE-15653] ensure we're locking the workspace while publishing

[JBIDE-15681] replaced library by globe (domain icon)

JBIDE-15679 - Unable to create SSH session for application 'main' Auth fail

Using the lastest version of the openshift-java-client and using the new

IApplication#getSshUrl() method to open the SSH Session

[JBIDE-15663] Merge branch 'master' into jbosstools-4.1.x

[JBIDE-12574] support multiple domains

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[JBIDE-15597] implementing support for environment variables

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
[JBIDE-15588] update to openshift-java-client 2.4.0.Final

[JBIDE-15589] use renamed constant (in commons.ui) to fix compilation error

[JBIDE-15588] upgrade to openshift-java-client 2.4.0.Final

[JBIDE-15537] bumped parent version

[JBIDE-15551] display name instead of application#toString in delete dialog