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[JBIDE-16203] changed to 4.1.1.Final-SNAPSHOT parent pom

Merge branch 'JBIDE-16039' into jbosstools-4.1.1.x

JBIDE-10861 : use selected project by default

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

[JBIDE-16039] remove env vars via application#remove (was: var#destroy)

[JBIDE-16041] make sure we're always displaying default (null) host correctly

[JBIDE-16044] corrected label "timeout"->"time out"

[JBIDE-16034] ensure we're no null output-folder when browsing it

[JBIDE-16026] make sure output folder value is not null

[JBIDE-15968] correcting EnvironmentVariablesWizardModel#isEditing()

[JBIDE-15955] bumped parent pom version

[JBIDE.15879] use openshift-java-client 2.5.0.Final

Merge branch 'JBIDE-15967-41' into jbosstools-4.1.x

[JBIDE-15968] determine env var support via domain or application

Before this fix we were determining if env var could be edited by

querying the application. When creating a new application we have none

yet, we have to query the domain to find out about env var support

[JBIDE-15967] app wiz: trigger envvar button visibility on domain change

[JBIDE-15813] dont loose selected domain when getting back to wizard page 1

[JBIDE-15905] add Eclipse preferences to set client read timeout

Merge branch 'JBIDE-15899-41' into jbosstools-4.1.x

[JBIDE-15899] correcting wizard title (was: always "Select Domain")

Merge branch 'JBIDE-15861-41' into jbosstools-4.1.x

[JBIDE-15861] hiding env variable button if server does not support it

[JBIDE-15858] warning if server does not support env vars

[JBIDE-15847] using username reported by server, not the user provided

[JBIDE-15812] fixed NPE when restarting app from server adapter

Merge branch 'JBIDE-15801-41' into jbosstools-4.1.1.Beta1x

[JBIDE-15801] corrected icons for restart app, edit env vars, new server

[JBIDE-15801] corrected icons for restart app, edit env vars, new server

[JBIDE-15797] resized icons to 14*14, used openshift log for connection

[JBIDE-15759] only switch to first domain-app if "use existing"

[JBIDE-15771] corrected menu location

[JBIDE-15597] finishing implementation

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