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Update parent pom to 4.1.2.Final-SNAPSHOT

Updated launchers to use it better with git projects

Uses ShellLookup.getInstance() instead of new ShellLookup()

Change RedDeer and integration tests repo url

Change RedDeer url to stable 0.4.1 and integration tests

to 4.1.kepler

Updated version of parent pom to 4.1.1.Final-SNAPSHOT

OpenShift tests: add more create/delete application types test cases and labels fixes

changes under scope:

- added new test cases for Create/Delete application

- mostly scalable applications were not present and already they are

- those test cases are applicable only on OpenShift Enterprise

- modified launchers to don't have to enter server name for OpenShift Online and OpenShift Enterprise

- fixed labels for OpenShift enterprise applications and cartridges

- split EmbedCartridges into EmbedCartridge and Embed Cartridges

- first one is used for OpenShift Online

- second is used for OpenShift Enterprise

Workaround for intermittent/inconsistent situation where newly created task is not visible. Seems to be a timing issue in the UI - dependent on CPU speed? Only seeing this sometimes on Jenkins - never locally.

Launchers and TestSuites


- added swtbot launcher for OpenShift Online and OpenShift enterprise

- fix OpenShift enterprise labels for cartridges and applications

- added MySQL and PostgreSQL cartridge tests

Corrected how the Task view is opened - this was leaving the view open and causing test instabilty.

Separated test suits for OpenShift Online and OpenShift Enterprise

Updated runtime tests to support EAP 6.2 GA

JBIDE-16245 Show correct version of integration tests repo web page

Updated site/pom.xml to generate the proper version in the repo html

page. This also removes the explicit version definition for the site.

Replace coretests repo in root pom with integrationtests repo

By accident the repo referenced in our root pom.xml was coretests

instead of integrationtests. Coretests are already referenced in

the parent pom.

Enabled portlet sources bundle

Adds removed <packaging>eclipse-test-plugin</packaging>

Affects CDI and Archive bot test plugins

Enabled portlets in category.xml

Switches to use RedDeer ContextMenu

Adds app changes deployment to Android Emulator

Adds test for running Cordova app on android emulator

Adds disclaimer

Re-enabled portlet tests

Added JBoss Tools Experiments repository to get required files for compatibility tests

maven.reddeer plugin created

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Added test for Local Repo CRUD operations

Fix Forge Wizard tests.

Fix Forge InstallPlugin tests.

Add screencast folder to gitignore.

Fix & improvements of Forge CommandTests.

JBIDE-15772 Removed the feature - no longer used

Since Nick changed the update site to use bundles directly,

the whole features/ folder became orphaned. No need to have dead

code in the repo so removing it entirely.

Method for removing forge runtime implemented.

Forge runtime preferences test fixed.

Increased forge-distribution runtime version.