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[JBIDE-13795] Incorrect URL for JBoss Jira on readmes

Updates the ouput target file's name attribute

* The target node of the output file has been populated with the name of

the first source target, which is inappropriate.

* Provides a targetName parameter that can be specified in the pom or

otherwise fills in a default name.

Back to 0.16.0-SNAPSHOT

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0.16.0.CR2 release

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JBIDE-14088: Fix in mojo

JBIDE-14088: Also get source features

JBIDE-14017: Introduced a zipCacheFolder propoerty

No default value for "siteTemplate"

JBIDE-11065: Added support for external resources

JBIDE-11605: Mojo to fetch zips

    • -3
    • +27

JBIDE-11065: repository-utils now support p2StatsURL

bring back dist.management and externalize property to allow custom settings

name becomes description and use simple naming convention for <name>

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add required info for release

JBIDE-13640 Don't override version

tycho-dependency-plugin uses 0.16.0-SNAPSHOT, like its parent.

JBIDE-13575 add support for classifier field on target artifact

JBIDE-13462: Parameter can be set from command-line

JBIDE-13462: Added option to include sources in target2repo

JBIDE-13417: Plugin version linked to Tycho version

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JBIDE-12974 fix bug in generation of references so that type=0 and 1, not type=0 twice

JBIDE-13362: generate fixed .target file

A mojo to update IU versions in .target file

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A tycho-dependency plugin

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apply PR1 (JBIDE-12955)

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add readme

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suppress link to jbosstools-directory.xml when we're not generating one; fix typo in warning msg

JBIDE-12660 parameterize cssName; don't do copyTemplateResources twice when once will do; add more debug; support having default css but override index (or vice versa); fix spacing error in index template; make install link non-version-specific

JBIDE-12951 add bin and target to all root .gitignores

add .gitignore

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