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JBIDE-16765 - prepare for changes to stacks.yaml

reword comment

JBIDE-16751 + JBIDE-16731 Add support for EAP 6.3

This is basically a clone of the previous fix for EAP 6.2

- https://github.com/jbosstools/jbosstools-server/pull/154/

JBIDE-16681 - cr1 release preparation

JBIDE-16654 : remove (Experimental) label for WildFly adapter

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

use JBT parent pom 4.1.2.Alpha1 instead of 4.1.1.CR1

fix version of server.all to be 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT in keeping w/ JBT 4.1.2

JBIDE-15071 set module status to a system job

JBIDE-16349 - pull runtime and server wizard descriptions from runtime and server extension pt description

JBIDE-15107 Lowering default mem requirements for as72 eap61

JBIDE-14629 Errors when creating and deploying seam2 project with Seam 2.3.Final Schemas replaced after changes to wildfly.

JBIDE-16200 - 4.1.2.alpha1 pom.xml

TOOLSDOC-390: Doc versions updated for 4.1 and 7.1

    • -4
    • +2
JBIDE-16085 prevent servertools from installing into luna

JBIDE-15872 similar update for RepublishDefectTest

JBIDE-15872 similar update for RepublishDefectTest

JBIDE-15870 - unit test fails due to race condition with build

JBIDE-15871 - Unit test failures for final

Forgot static on beforeClass

JBIDE-16052 - allowing additions to as7/wf cp

JBIDE-16052 - null checks

JBIDE-16025 do not attempt to change the state of as>7 or deploy-only server's deployment scanners during publish

JBIDE-15870 - worked in eclipse, failed in tycho. Must wait until publish is complete to verify test asserts

JBIDE-16006 : Fix potential trademark infringement

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

JBIDE-15952 updating parent pom

JBIDE-13405 - error in some single-use method leads to strange situation that local manages to workaround but rse cannot

JBIDE-15980 - RuntimeMatcher needs to be careful on possible runtimes with no type

JBIDE-12202 - replace the bad rse wrapped locking with more efficient and proven api from foundation; fixed logging of publish result to not log error if all results are ok

removed erroneous '2' in hidden class name

changed job name to runnable name

JBIDE-15139 error on recursive adding of missing parent folders for matched files

JBIDE-15901 - fix regression caused by JBIDE-15651

JBIDE-15894 missed occurance of bad versioning in server wizard

JBIDE-15357 test missed a JobUtils.waitForIdle()

JBIDE-15357 part 2 with test

JBIDE-15357 - delete project does not undeploy

JBIDE-15574 part 2, xnio jars updated

JBIDE-15574 part 2, xnio jars updated