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Disable failing HibernateConsoleTests (see JBIDE-16261)

Revert "remove .project, .classpath files and .settings folders from repository"

This reverts commit c05daa593605c64b0d7fe57aea5c5635316d0316.

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Revert "ignore .project and .classpath files and .settings folders"

This reverts commit 331ff98d720a7a1ae1a45c1c9d018fd743b3eed0.

JBIDE-15650: Compilation Errors While Building Hibernate Component Against Luna Target Platform

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JBIDE-15764: NPE while generating entities in JPA project

remove build.properties from src.includes in build.properties

remove src/ from src.includes in build.properties

replace build/eclipse/ by target/classes/

replace bin/ by target/classes/

remove .cvsignore files

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remove unnecessary .settings/ folders

Revert "remove dead code warning"

This reverts commit 66398574cc3032a3f02745b857e49ad84f241f8f.

fix maven import of org.jboss.tools.hibernate.jpt.core.test

remove plugin.xml from build.properties

Revert "remove warnings from build.properties"

This reverts commit 7e285f5a724159cd6de38cdd9aef24abb5344ddc.

remove maven related warnings

remove dead code warning

remove warning because of missing plugin.xml

delete empty plugin.xml

remove warnings from build.properties

remove 'Eclipse-BundleShape: jar' to get rid of warnings

remove unexisting artefacts from build.properties

change runtime environment to java 6 where needed, don't include .classpath or .project files in build.properties

bump version identifiers to 3.8.0

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ignore .project and .classpath files and .settings folders

remove .project, .classpath files and .settings folders from repository

  1. … 38 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-15656: package-info.java in managed package in persistence.xml causes StackOverflowError

TOOLSDOC-390: Ready docs for 7.1

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JBIDE-11319: Url for Eclipse-SourceReferences

JBIDE-10219 Migrate org.eclipse.core.runtime.contentTypes extension points to org.eclipse.core.contenttype.contentTypes