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[JBIDE-16516] added null-check before doing connection#isConnected

[JBIDE-16836] require org.jboss.tools.common.databinding package >= 3.6.0

[JBIDE-15476] made standalone cartridge name bold in details view

[JBIDE-16830] make sure user gets warned if removing dependent plugin.

[no jira] openshift compilation fail

[no jira] openshift compilation fail

JBIDE-16799 use Beta1 parent pom

[JBIDE-15256] move source feature build config to features/pom.xml

[JBIDE-15476] added support for downloadable standalone- and embedded-cartridges

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[JBIDE-16466] set title for the application port forwarding wizard

[JBIDE-16445] fixed wording in server adapter wizard

[JBIDE-15642] made the styled text widget non-editable

[JBIDE-16407] disabled start/stop/restart on adapter

[JBIDE-16407] bumped dependencies to as-tools 3.0

[JBIDE-16429] added icon for action servers/openshift/restart application

[JBIDE-14768] allow users to allow/deny invalid certificates

JBIDE-16407 Breakinbg connection between openshift and legacy framework for servers.

updating dependency version

removing legacy classes

small cleanup of patch

[JBIDE-16357] inversed checkbox semantic (not filtering proj when checked)

inversed checkbox semantic (not filtering proj when checked) and corrected the label

to "Show all projects" (was: "filter acceptable projects")

[JBIDE-16357] added checkbox to enable/disable filtering of acceptable projects

[JBIDE-16357] dont allow RemoteProjectFiles-project when choosing existing project

[JBIDE-16392] removed workaround refreshing selected cartridge (and fixing cause)

[JBIDE-16299] removed non-used message key ClientTimeoutExplanation

[JBIDE-16344] dont prompt twice for username/password

[JBIDE-16377] not refreshing app on domain combo event if no new domain

[JBIDE-16381] corrected non initialized serverType when creating adapter

[JBIDE-16378] set default to create server adapter

JBIDE-16262: Update link to build doc.

JBIDE-16309: Added direct dependencies to necessary JBT components

[JBIDE-16354] corrected and cleaned model initialization

[JBIDE-16353] set application name when setting existing app

[JBIDE-16350] moved DataBindingUtils to common