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A mojo to generate discovery.xml file from a p2 repo

JBIDE-16725: Use annotations for Mojos

Annotation allow to set up inheritance in Mojos and are easier

to maintain than comments

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JBIDE-17167: Resolve source bundles transitively

disable com.googlecode.ConsoleDownloadMonitor and just dump resulting file size into log; DownloadMonitor produces a lot of garbage in Jenkins log

JBIDE-16632 don't delete MD5 files if they already exist; don't write to them again if they already exist

JBIDE-16632 fix bugs: qualifier not calculated correctly; old component source zips should be purged before overall source zip is created

fix copyrights, remove deprecation warnings for expression="$\{foo\}" -> change to property="foo", and add usage code to README for new fetch-sources-from-manifests mojo

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ensure this.outputFolder/all exists; use temp files instead of reusing the same file (in case of stale NFS handles) (JBIDE-16632)

fix relative path for MANIFEST.MF file; turn com.googlecode.ConsoleDownloadMonitor back on; reformat source

fix copyrights (2014)

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JBIDE-16632 relative paths are bad; ensure everything is anchored below project.getBasedir()

clean up comments/formatting and implement digest file ALL_REVISIONS.txt (JBIDE-16632)

check if Eclipse-SourceReferences exists in MANIFEST.MF and log WARNING (JBIDE-16632)

new FetchSourcesFromManifests class (JBIDE-16632)

JBIDE-15760: show links only when relevant

Links to features/ folder and site.properties

now depend on whether there are actually things

to show.

JBIDE-16165: Version 0.19.0-SNAPSHOT

Compatible with Tycho 0.19.0 (not previous versions)

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Version 0.16.0

Tycho 0.19.0 has some incompatibilites, so we'll start a new


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JBIDE-15465: Remove generation of directory.xml in repository

The discovery mechanism and file where move to a dedicated repository.

[JBIDE-13795] Incorrect URL for JBoss Jira on readmes

Updates the ouput target file's name attribute

* The target node of the output file has been populated with the name of

the first source target, which is inappropriate.

* Provides a targetName parameter that can be specified in the pom or

otherwise fills in a default name.

Back to 0.16.0-SNAPSHOT

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0.16.0.CR2 release

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JBIDE-14088: Fix in mojo

JBIDE-14088: Also get source features

JBIDE-14017: Introduced a zipCacheFolder propoerty

No default value for "siteTemplate"

JBIDE-11065: Added support for external resources

JBIDE-11605: Mojo to fetch zips

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JBIDE-11065: repository-utils now support p2StatsURL