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remove all obsolete packages and plugins

  1. … 156 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-17893: Revert the Beta3 branch to the Beta2 situation

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remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.ManyToOne

fix failing HbmExporterTest

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.ToOne

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.IndexedCollection

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.Set

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.Map

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.List

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.IdentifierBag

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.DependantValue

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.Bag

fix NPE during test run

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.Collection

fix failing tests

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.PrimitiveArray

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.Array

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.Any

remove uses of org.hibernate.mapping.Component

move IReverseEngineeringStrategy to the org.jboss.tools.hibernate.spi plugin

move IHQLQueryPlan to the org.jboss.tools.hibernate.spi plugin

move IEnvironment to the org.jboss.tools.hibernate.spi plugin

move IDialect to the org.jboss.tools.hibernate.spi plugin

solve test failures in org.hibernate.eclipse.console.test.mappingproject.MappingTestsCore

implement newSimpleValue() in all ServiceProxy classes

remove uses of SimpleValue

fix CCE

i forgot the Cfg2HbmToolProxy classes in the hibernate extension plugins :-(

replace org.hibernate.mapping.Property by org.jboss.tools.hibernate.spi.IProperty in spi classes

move IMapping to plugin org.jboss.tools.hibernate.spi