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[JBIDE-17902] removed logging of successful auth

do not store when add already does store

[JBIDE-17831] fixed EGit tests

[JBIDE-17831] app wiz: refuse to pick dirty existing projects

[JBIDE-17413] refreshing proj after saving to wrksp, restore from wrksp

[JBIDE-16904] added content proposals for code anything url

[JBIDE-17413] allow users to select resources in the workspace

[JBIDE-17440] initialize model with correct default remote name

[JBIDE-2777] allow users to get to the domain management in web-UI

[JBIDE-10541] show EGit commit dialog before pushing

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[JBIDE-17499] explorer: hide new->domain if nothing is selected

[JBIDE-17623] removed "Experimental" in egit.integration.feature

[JBIDE-16913] fixed bgrounds for standalone & embedded cartridge-details

[JBIDE-16913] make sure summary has the right background color in OSX

[JBIDE-17568] storing recent connection when conn page passes

[JBIDE-17226] corrected cropping in application wizard

The details view in the application wizard was using a wrapping text

control to show the quickstart summary. To have this working correctly

you have to restrain the horizontal size via GridData widthHint and use

StyledText. StyledText shows/hides the vertical scrollbars

automatically. With Text one needs to measure available & required sizes

(container/Text) and show/hide them upon results & resizing.

[JBIDE-16876] enable/disable widgets upon new/exist. app radio selection

[JBIDE-17434] corrected "Delete Application" context menu label

JBIDE-15058 Application Wizard: Embed Wizard: wizard jobs should not get cancelled autom. if a given time is exceeded.

Switched on method without timeout

JBIDE-16129 Environment Variables wizard: Refresh should warn that it'll undo all changes

Added question dialog, strings externilized

JBIDE-15941 Explorer: progress of deleting applications is not shown

Moved monitor.done() out of for, externalized strings

[JBIDE-16104] only refresh viewer when loading keys was succesful

[JBIDE-17411] removed erroneous/duplicate entry for commons-compress in .classpath

[JBIDE-10456] fixed saving full-snapshot, storing snapshot filenames

[JBIDE-17330] bumped parent pom to use 4.2.0.Beta3-SNAPSHOT

[JBIDE-10456] allow users to (full/deployment) snapshots and restore

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[JBIDE-17227] fixing source code checkbox and text enablement

JBIDE-17227 Application wizard: unchecking "Use default source code" wont enable "Source code" text field

JBIDE-17227 Application wizard: unchecking "Use default source code" wont enable "Source code" text field

Added method setUseInitialGitUrl

JBIDE-16875 Domain wizard: Case of field "Domain name" needs changing

Updated string and externalized