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JBIDE-17173 - force initializers to run after runtime detection

JBIDE-17867 - NPE and some validation errors in launch config

JBIDE-17437 - remove all jre's from server launch classpath before adding jre from runtime

JBIDE-17843 - try 2

JBIDE-17724 - aggressive full publish of modules

Updates for unit test JBIDE-17724

Updates for unit test JBIDE-17724

New fix for 2nd use case of existing .jar files marked as modules

JBIDE-17724 - 2nd test case

JBIDE-17724 - regression when handling zipped modules' relative nesting paths

JBIDE-17724 - unit test for use case 3

JBIDE-17724 - mock modules must be marked as external

JBIDE-17843 - rebuild agent jar for java6 instead of java7

JBIDE-17842 - load process data asynchronously during bundle start, so it does not block other operations

JBIDE-17842 - Do not allow jps calls in UI thread. Return null if info is not, but fire asynch jps to ensure info is loaded for next call

JBIDE-17842 - Cleanup as per fred

JBIDE-17824 - composite UI missing default configuration folder for as3-6

JBIDE-17829 - make sure error message is correct

As per fred's criticism

JBIDE-17700 - try to ensure the key manager is instantiated earlier (workaround)

JBIDE-17700 attempt 2

JBIDE-17300 - small changes for better user performance

JBIDE-17552 ewp 5.2 not recognized properly

JBIDE-17552 ewp 5.2 not recognized properly

wrong wizard fragment

JBIDE-17798 - compile fail

[Regression] Profiling of cpu doesn't work due to an NPE, and also that version of agent doesn't match plugin version (dumb)

JBIDE-17311 - moving the jvmmonitor agent code into our plugins folder. Not currently exposed as osgi jar, but perhaps can be after b3.

Incremental commit, searching for breakages

Updated manifest to make this an osgi bundle

Final touches, however, not exposed as osgi jar for now.

Removing duplicate jar

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Subsystem environment initialization had dumb small logic error

JBIDE-17773 - small alignment issue in ui

Deploy-only server not respecting ignore-launch flag

JBIDE-17722 - cannot edit custom deploy folders in server editor

Failing Unit Tests - attempt to fix

JBIDE-17501 - ensure buttons are updated after download of server completes

JBIDE-17501 - force handle to update after setting text on the runtime home

JBIDE-17661 - rename incorrectly named preference page

JBIDE-17033 - revisit optional soa for jboss-fsw-6 detection

JBIDE-17668 - wrong separators breaking duplicate deployment scanner protection

JBIDE-17668 part 2

Change which package is APIfor jmx.local plugin, move some files, change exports, add a utility api

Small cleanup, npe's in non-standard installations (fuse, missing rse), etc

JBIDE-17437 - remove jre entries from classpath before adding correct one

JBIDE-17646 allow runtimes to customize execution environment

Ensure servers view has same JMX tree as jmx view; move enhancements to as.wtp.ui so others can consume