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use parent pom 4.2.3.Final-SNAPSHOT (JBIDE-19483)

Use version 4.2.3.CR1-SNAPSHOT for the parent pom

JBIDE-19175: Console configuration hibernate not found error when generating JPA Entities with disabled console setting

JBIDE-19189: NullPointerException in TablePropertiesBlock.doAdd

JBIDE-19157: Wrong configuration of entry for XML catalog in org.hibernate.eclipse.mapper

JBIDE-19361: Remove antlr from classpath of org.hibernate.eclipse.libs to solve ClassCastException during tests

JBIDE-19361: Fix Failing Test Suite For 4.2.3.Beta1

JBIDE-19130 Updated compoment version to 4.0.1.Beta1 for JBDS 8.1.0.Beta1

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JBIDE-18769: ResourceException when generating hbm.xml

JBIDE-18637: Prepare for Final/GA release

JBIDE-18471: update parent pom version to 4.2.0.CR2-SNAPSHOT

JBIDE-14305: Add dependency on log4j-1.2.15.jar in org.jboss.tools.hibernate4_3

JBIDE-18350: Loader constraint violation while generating Seam entities

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JBIDE-18334: ClassCastException: ColumnProxy cannot be cast to IValue

JBIDE-18296: update copyright header

JBIDE-18289: restore copyright header

JBIDE-18286: restore copyright header

JBIDE-18282: also return '3.5' when no launch configuration available

JBIDE-18282: NPE when expanding console configuration after creating Seam 2.3 project, use Hibernate 3.5 as a default when not specified

JBIDE-18297: Remove UnsupportedException in EnvironmentProxy for Hibernate 4.3

JBIDE-18296: Restore FakeTransactionManagerLookup for Hibernate 4.0

JBIDE-18289: Restore FakeTransactionManagerLookup for Hibernate 3.6

JBIDE-18286: Restore FakeTransactionManagerLookup for Hibernate 3.5

JBIDE-16219 downgraded Error marker to warning and added reason/explanation to let users know why.

JBIDE-16219 #resolve

JBIDE-18218 Fixing manifest.mf for consistent data.

Added Bundle-Vendor and proper names for libs.

JBIDE-18218 #comment Fixed for the basic case, but should eventually also externalize it to plugin.properties.

specific hibernate.cfg.xml is working again for hibernate 4.3 (JBIDE-18181)

specific hibernate.cfg.xml is working again for hibernate 4.0 (JBIDE-18181)

change method signature: IService.newJDBCReader(IConfiguration, ISettings, IReverseEngineeringStrategy)

JBIDE-16265: JPA validation reports Strategy class uuid2 could not be found

JBIDE-18185: Update Hibernate Tools Major Version (fix typo)