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Remove old version of repository-utils from site/pom.xml

The build was failing because we were using a very old version of repository-utils.

It's better to inherit the version from parent pom.

Update maintenance branch parent pom to 4.2.3.CR1-SNAPSHOT

AS: Created custom console for operate server tests.

AS: Added wait to operate server's web page check.

AS: Added strict MANIFEST versions + wait condition to deploy.

Update maintenance branch to 4.2.1.Final parent

Update integration tests repo url to 4.2.luna

The integrations tests repo url in root pom.xml of 4.2.x branch

pointed to master - it needs to point to 4.2.luna. I created

the corresponding jenkins job which publishes the correct p2 repo.

And now I'm changing the url in the pom.xml to reflect that.

Change parent pom to 4.2.1.CR1-SNAPSHOT

AS: Commented part of the create server test due to the JBIDE-18737

AS: Added cleanup to ServerStateDetectors

AS: POM refactoring

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AS: fixed issue with browser title for EAP 6 and caching of welcome page

Set root pom to use RedDeer 0.6.1

This commited fixes the dependency on RedDeer to version 0.6.1

(which was released today for this purpose) so that the integration

tests are reproducible in the future.

Change parent pom to 4.2.0.Final-SNAPSHOT

Add 'Known Problems' section

This fix adds reference to ubuntu related problem with vncserver when it skips

's' chars in input. This leads to test failures, because of test projects

with 's' char in name could not be located in Projects. For example if test

creates projetc with name 'CordovaTestProject' the actula project created in

workspace has name 'CordovaTetProject' and test fails.

Properly focus shell & timeout for waits increased

Reference to required package org.jboss.tools.mylyn.reddeer missing in MANIFEST for mylyn tests

Hibernate test fixed after RedDeer API update

increase timeout for maven tests. 7200 isnt enough for mac.

Updated mylyn tests to handle secure storage dialog on JBDS and be able to run on both JBT and JBDS

related to: https://github.com/jboss-reddeer/reddeer/pull/843/files

Ammended commit - to remove references to "October 2014"

Updated jbide-18533 related files per Vlado's suggestions:


Updated to remove comments referencing JBDS and Linux. Moved support

class to org/jboss/tools/mylyn/ui/bot/test per:


Inadvertently missed adding new file:


to previous commit

Initialize jsp test page text properly

New: Add Start/Stop/Select functionality to forge console view.

Forge RedDeer base project and Forge Console view initial implementation

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Hibernate datasource test fixed

Implement POC automated test for Arquillian project using Red Deer for UI automation - https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-18445


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OpenShift and WS tests update

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Hibernate Console Configuration test wizard issues fixed

ConsoleConfigurationFile tests fixed

Fixes changes in RedDeer API version 0.7.0

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AS: Re-implemented opening of web page.