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[JBDIE-19495] removed erroneously added v3 plugin stubs

JBIDE-19132 since no commits in Openshift for JBT 4.2.3, didn't need to bump parent pom. But just in case, might as well use Final here

[JBIDE-19132] bumped parent pom to 4.2.3.Beta1-SNAPSHOT

[JBIDE-19122] bumped branch to 2.6.2

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[JBIDE-18887] bumped parent pom to 4.2.1.Final-SNAPSHOT

[JBIDE-18866] Allow SSH git URLs for app-code and downloadable carts

[JBIDE-18774] bumping to 4.2.1

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[JBIDE-11903] added start/stop to application/server context menu

[JBIDE-18704] using transparency for styled text in MacOS only

[JBIDE-18639] bump parent pom to 4.2.0.Final

[JBIDE-18454] fix SSL error when talking to OS running in RHEL 6.6

bumped parent pom to 4.2.0.CR2-SNAPSHOT

[JBIDE-18427] dont list README.md as marker file

[JBIDE-18306] dont show obsolete cartridges among available ones

switched to new openshift-java-client 2.6.1.Final

[JBIDE-18397] dont set output directory if app-type is not known

[JBIDE-18406] Fixes label for job of Opened port forwarding dialog

[JBIDE-18396] dont complain if clone destination doesnt exist

JBIDE-18365 - newest facets and module version support, ee7

[JBIDE-18349] fix layout weirdness in app config page

[JBIDE-18298] fix black background in StyledText for RHEL 6.5

[JBIDE-18301] correctly detect sub-projects and warn user

[JBIDE-18298] fix black background in StyledText for RHEL 6.5

[JBIDE-16903] fixed notification for name changes in "CodeAnything" cart

[JBIDE-18123] fixed check for cartridge being embedded or not

[JBIDE-17919] Set directory on init so toggle between full and deployment works correctly

[JBIDE-18110] deactive keybinding/context when focus lost in OSExplorer

[JBIDE-18100] dont try to get selected project when File->New

[JBIDE-12851] corrected error message when there's no application (yet)

JBIDE-12851 Server Adapter wizard: link should point to creation wizard in case user don't have app/domain

[JBIDE-18045] disable quickstart page link if there's no href