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use parent pom 4.2.3.Final-SNAPSHOT

JBIDE-19418 - Update parent pom to 4.2.3.CR1-SNAPSHOT

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JBIDE_19417 Fixed code for method body for partial JAX-RS methods

JBIDE-19017 : upversion webservices to 1.7.2-SNAPSHOT

Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <fbricon@gmail.com>

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JBIDE-18994/JBIDE-18953 - Unexpected JAX-RS validation error for client filters

JBIDE-18881 - For JBIDE 4.2.1.Final: Prepare for Final/GA release [Webservices]

JBIDE-18710 - Invalid generated code in JAX-RS Endpoint

Fixed grammar in generated comment

JBIDE-18803 - Bump webservices to version 1.7.1

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JBIDE-18714 - Invalid error message when @Target is missing on a custom Name Binding annotation

JBIDE-18710 - Invalid generated code in JAX-RS Endpoint

JBIDE-18392 - JAX-RS Resource wizard: Resource methods are created even though there is no Target entity specified anymore

Fixed the problem by skipping method generation if no target entity was specified

Added a JUnit test to cover that case

For JBIDE 4.2.0.Final: Prepare for Final/GA release [Webservices]

JBIDE-18478 - Prepare for CR2 release [Webservices]

JBIDE-18453 - NPE while processing change in code

Remove a block where the signature of the Java methods were collected but not used

(a remaining of a previous refactoring)

Added some 'waits' in the unit tests (with a bit of API refactoring in the test utility classes) because

some tests would fail with ConcurrentModificationException on maven (some elements would still be processed

in a separate thread when doing the test assertions)

JBIDE-18257 - Missing quickfix for NameBinding without Target and Retention annotations

Also fixes JBIDE-18256 - Missing quickfixes for HttpMethod without Target and Retention annotations

JBIDE-11766 - Work with "Annotation Properties" view breaks JAX-RS explorer

- Using jobs to process Java changes and Resource changes, with a scheduling rule

to avoid concurrency (race conditions).

- Fixing unit tests that now need to wait until the jobs (running asynchronously in another thread)

are done before doing the assertions, with a timeout (set to a lage enough value to allow for debugging)

- Fixed usage of compilation unit's working copy vs primary copy in some tests.

- Calling "ICompilationUnit.makeConsistent(IProgressMonitor)" resolves the problem where in some

cases, some JAX-RS annotations would not be "seen" by the JAX-RS tooling, resulting in elements being removed

- Removed the CompilationUnitRepository which worked as a cache for the Compilation Units AST, but could contain stale data

- Changed the 'Refresh Action' to trigger a real metamodel build ad then refresh the UI, which avoids the need to perform a project build.

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JBIDE-15825 - JAX-RS problems don't show up after target runtime is set

Main changes:

- handle changes at the project level when the classpath changed: rebuild the whoe JAX-RS metamodel to be process all the changes

- remove all JAX-RS markers of previous JAX-RS elements when rebuilding the while JAX-RS metamodel in a separate Job while the resource tree

is locked.

Related changes:

- added some unit tests

- refactored a unit test class

JBIDE-16327 - JaxrsFacetedProjectListener doesn't support JAX-RS 2.0

JBIDE-16163 - Missing update in JAX-RS explorer when facing to quick change in code

Accepting and processing events of type POST_CHANGE and POST_RECONCILE as one or the other

happens, depending if the change and save occurred at the same time (almost) or not.

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JBIDE-15825 - JAX-RS problems don't show up after target runtime is set

JBIDE-16940 - Fixing more sonar issues in JAX-RS plugins

JBIDE-16940 - Fixing sonar issues in JAX-RS plugins

JBIDE-17296 - Warning decorator on the 'JAX-RS Web Services' node when no application is defined

JBIDE-17233 - Add usage tracking for the WS Tester

Added a new UsageEventType to count the number of 'invoke' on the Web Service Tester,

with a 'label' set to the selected value in the combobox (JAX-WS, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE or OPTIONS)

Counting the event for every invoke of JAX-WS and JX-RS style of requests

JBIDE-17457 - JAX-RS Resource Wizard has inconsistent validation of target entity

The wizard now allows for null/empty values of the Target Entity, even if a previous

value was entered by the user.

JBIDE-17296 - Missing warning decorator on the "JAX-RS Web Services" node when no application is defined

Also includes fixes for:

- JBIDE-17078 - JAX-RS Problems doesn't appears after the JAX-RS Support is activated

- JBIDE-17771 - Trigger validation when JAX-RS nature is added on a project

- JBIDE-18068 - JAX-RS Explorer doesn't have "expand" icon

- JBIDE-18114 - Invalid state of JAX-RS Web Services node in Project Explorer after JAX-RS Support removal

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JBIDE-17949 - Problem with filters and interceptors defined as inner classes

Fixed problem that still remained when underlying resource was saved:

- the validator for the inner provider would run first and report a problem,

- then the top level resource validator would remove all markers for the underlying file and perform

its validation, meaning that the markers for the inner provider would be gone.

Fixed a related problem where only top-level types would be considered, which excluded the inner provider.

JBIDE-17178 - Problem with filters and interceptors defined as inner classes

Removed the use of 'dirtyRegions' argument in the as-you-type validator because the given regions

do not match the actual changes...

JBIDE-17949 - Remove option Add RestEasy Jars from Simple Web Service dialog

JBIDE-18022 - For JBIDE 4.2.0.CR1: Ensure copyrights and provider names are correct in all plugins and features [Webservices]

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