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JBIDE-19627 - OpenShift features disable workspace selection

commented secure storage test which causes pw prompt

[JBIDE-19630] fixing ConnectionTest to assert correct scheme

[JBIDE-19630] moving v3 connection persistency to connectionURL as in v2

[JBIDE-19629] Fix unable to connect to v3 when installing only v3 from nightly build. Fix username and password validations

[JBIDE-19549] storing connection-pw and -token in secure store

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[JBIDE-19581] use ssl cert callback when creating a new express conn

[JBIDE-19578] make sure username/pw show up when selecting existing conn

[JBIDE-19445] implemented history for server url in connection wizard

[JBIDE-19534] cleaned message bundles

[JBIDE-19575] removed access restrictions for exported client packages

[JBIDE-19575] Update to support deprecation of com.openshift.client

[JBIDE-19555] added build-paths, removed m2e-natures, empty plugin.xml

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[JBIDE-19557] dont dispose observables in editors upon invisibility

[JBIDE-19555] Refactor to use openshift-restclient-java

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[JBIDE-19548] added warning when no details view found, corrected build

[JBIDE-19503] make sure user is updated in ExpressConnection#update

[JBIDE-19545] make sure one can edit IConnection#rememberPassword

[JBIDE-19544] renamed OpenShiftExpressMessages -> ExpressMessages

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[JBIDE-19442] added text field adapter that prepends https to server url

[JBIDE-19538] fixed Connection unit test(s)

[JBIDE-19521] show authentication form when selecting connection type

[JBIDE-19524] require jdk7 for egit plugs to gain egit4 compat

[JBIDE-19519] make sure connection wizard works if only v3 present

[JBIDE-19007] Display buildconfig webhooks

[JBIDE-19499] Refactor to make use of authclient moved into OSJC

[JBIDE-19162] corrected labeling for express feature to OpenShift v2

reformatted org.jboss.tools.openshift.ui/plugin.xml

[JBIDE-19400] re-added erroneously removed "newdomain" command

[JBIDE-19456] update detail view if displayed value changes