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Set root pom to use RedDeer 0.8.0.M1 - fix

The url has changed, so updating accordingly.

Set root pom to use RedDeer 0.8.0.M1

Before tagging our tests for JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Beta1,

we want to set the RedDeer url to one that doesn't change.

AS: Fixed proglem with environmental viariable in pom.xml

Uses RedDeer to select Tree Node instead of ui.bot.ext

Marks VpeToolbarTest.java as Ignored

Removes dependencies on org.jboss.reddeer.swt.test

Replaced incorrect reference to "jbds" to "devstudio"

ConsoleConfigurationFileTest focus fix applied

Update RedDeer master url: mars -> luna

Vlado or Jirka pointed out today that RedDeer is not on mars yet,

so I changed the jenkins job to publish to luna in the url.

Construct context menus with regex instead of static strings. It can run on all platforms.

Corrected code to close secure storage dialog. Rsolved issues in initial commit/PR - removed log parameter, variable with capital letter, unnecessary try/catch block, unnecessary comment.

MappingFile test issue record updated for latest issues

Update RedDeer master repo url to the one currently in use

It turns out that our root pom was referring an outdated

url which was last updated on April 30.

Now it points to the correct one.

Generator validation test issue record added

Required resources folders added into Hibernate testing project

Criteria editor test fixed for focus changes in Eclipse

Fix for JBT 4.3.0.Beta1 changes for forge.

* Removes runtimes selection (there is only one default runtime - forge2 )

* Fixies label changes in new project wizard

Fixies changes in JBT 4.3.0.Beta1 for aerogear.

Launchers updated to run tests well outside SWT3 environment

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Driver definition wizard loosing focus issue fixed

Long processing job wait fix in hibernate UI tests

Removes 'vpe' from browsersim feature id.

Fix missing class

Removing unsupported configuration fixes compiler configuration.

Fixes testManagedBean() to close Add managed Bean dialog properly. Fixes #1003

Log error cleanup before project import is added to prevent test failures

Adding reveng file does not return focus to generation dialog

Update integration tests repo to use site stream

Definition of jbosstools-integrationtests-site

in our root pom had master hardcoded at the end. It should use

the jbosstools_site_stream property.

Reactivates parent window when child window is closed. Fixes #995.

AS: added support for change of server's JRE

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-18772: Fix deployment src and dest