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JBIDE-19883 - purge .cvsignore files from JBT project repos

Fix build error with -DskipTests flag set

Merge branch 'JBIDE-13414' of https://github.com/bfitzpat/jbosstools-webservices into bfitzpat-JBIDE-13414

JBIDE-19605 org.jboss.tools.ws.ui does not depend on javax.servlet or javax.servlet.http

JBIDE-13414 - Issue with client generation error slipping through the cracks

JBIDE-19739 Websockets: Content assist for endpoint classes

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JBIDE-19622 bump to beta1 parent

JBIDE-19459 - Updating plugin provider text for wise wrapper

bump root pom to use parent pom 4.3.0.Alpha2-SNAPSHOT

Fixed code for method body for partial JAX-RS methods (fixes JBIDE_19337)

JBIDE-19041 - Build failure on Jenkins

Fixed a problem where the ResolvedSourceMethod node could not be retrieved from the AST

by using a fallback solution which already applies from non-resolved members.

JBIDE-18562 - Confusing media types in JAX-RS resource creation wizard

JBIDE-18561 - Default name for JAX-RS Application class

JBIDE-18690 - ResourceException while deleting project

JBIDE-18994 - Unexpected JAX-RS validation error for client filters

JBIDE-18913 - Build failures after renaming of some 'server' bundles

JBIDE-18913 - Build failures after renaming of some 'server' bundles

Fixing a bug in a test and using a different method to wait for changes in the console

JBIDE-18913 - Build failures after renaming of some 'server' bundles

Fixing test failures

JBIDE-18913 - Build failures after renaming of some 'server' bundles

JBIDE-18710 - Invalid generated code in JAX-RS Endpoint

Fixed grammar in generated comment

JBIDE-18812: Remove osx/cocoa/x86 arch

JBIDE-18811 - Bump Web Services to 1.8.0

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JBIDE-18714 - Invalid error message when @Target is missing on a custom Name Binding annotation

JBIDE-18710 - Invalid generated code in JAX-RS Endpoint

JBIDE-18808 - JAX-RS Resource wizard: Resource methods are created even though there is no Target entity specified anymore

Fixed the problem by skipping method generation if no target entity was specified

Added a JUnit test to cover that case

JBIDE-17998: Update root pom <name>

JBIDE-18478b - Prepare for CR2 release [Webservices]

JBIDE-18453 - NPE while processing change in code

Remove a block where the signature of the Java methods were collected but not used

(a remaining of a previous refactoring)

Added some 'waits' in the unit tests (with a bit of API refactoring in the test utility classes) because

some tests would fail with ConcurrentModificationException on maven (some elements would still be processed

in a separate thread when doing the test assertions)

JBIDE-18257 - Missing quickfix for NameBinding without Target and Retention annotations

Also fixes JBIDE-18256 - Missing quickfixes for HttpMethod without Target and Retention annotations

JBIDE-11766 - Work with "Annotation Properties" view breaks JAX-RS explorer

- Using jobs to process Java changes and Resource changes, with a scheduling rule

to avoid concurrency (race conditions).

- Fixing unit tests that now need to wait until the jobs (running asynchronously in another thread)

are done before doing the assertions, with a timeout (set to a lage enough value to allow for debugging)

- Fixed usage of compilation unit's working copy vs primary copy in some tests.

- Calling "ICompilationUnit.makeConsistent(IProgressMonitor)" resolves the problem where in some

cases, some JAX-RS annotations would not be "seen" by the JAX-RS tooling, resulting in elements being removed

- Removed the CompilationUnitRepository which worked as a cache for the Compilation Units AST, but could contain stale data

- Changed the 'Refresh Action' to trigger a real metamodel build ad then refresh the UI, which avoids the need to perform a project build.

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