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more debug output (JBIDE-20030)

should be pipe, not comma

fix typo and refactor in case OPTIONS is a reserved word

JBIDE-20030 since --del is ignored, add -d flag too

JBIDE-20030 add checks for BUILD_ID, BUILD_NUMBER, WORKSPACE; don't create symlinks if vars are not defined.

JBIDE-20030 echo OPTIONS correctly so we can see if they're being used correctly

JBIDE-20090 make sure all dirs contain content; if not, remove them; check that tools@filemgmt.jboss.org:/downloads_htdocs/tools/mars/snapshots/builds/jbosstools-server_master//2015-06-12_17-51-19-B785//all/repo/ exists, or else 'File not found'

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JBDS-3208 fix jbds project paths; add playground and integration-tests

JBIDE-20030 add support for passing in --del flag when publishing update sites that target an existing site (to purge unlinked old IUs); remove TODOs and BUILD_DESCRIPTION since it's mostly not used anymore

JBIDE-19916 bump to 4.3.0.Beta2-SNAPSHOT

JBIDE-18772 JBIDE-13835 use latest maven-assembly-plugin:2.5.4; echo rsync commands to console so it's more obvious what's happening

Jenkins wraps includes/excludes in single quotes and therefore ignores them; try another approach to making this work

add optional includes/excludes to allow rsyncing a whle folder (minus some file(s)), eg., for pushing JBDS installers to ds.rh, but excluding the EAP one

JBIDE-19745 bump up to Beta1 in jbosstools-4.3.x

use proper level titles + toc

move readme from util/ to root and document all the scripts in publish/, util/, and util/cleanup/

Fix the wide indent of the xml to fit on a screen

Add script to report missing tags in component repos

Script has a list of identified repositories and a 'since' table

for each component repo and then simply report the difference

of what tags are missing.

Also add a readme.adoc to give overview over the list of scripts.

JBIDE-19449 add util/installAndDisplayCompositeSiteContent.sh into jbosstools-releng-publish so it can be used by composite install jobs (instead of pulling from raw.github)

checkLatestPublishedSHA.sh should only ever return true or false: no warnings needed getProjectSHAs.sh needs to support new path conventions (and use of buildinfo.json instead of old GIT_REVISION.txt files).

JBDS-3208 run cleanup.sh for any DESTINATION, not just for tools@filemgmt.jboss.org:/downloads_htdocs/tools

JBDS-3208 now that JBDS publishes snapshots to devstudio.redhat.com, need to support cleanup on that server too, so rsync.sh needs to passthru value of DESTINATION to jbosstools-cleanup.sh

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JBDS-3383 parse jbossTychoPluginsVersion out from parent pom, now that it's an externalized variable

JBIDE-18772: Make scripts executable

new bootstrapper / script to check if any jbt component builds still contain zero-length composite placeholders

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fix excludes so that only 'web' is excluded, not '*web*' (eg., webservices)

JBDS-3208 when calling jbosstools-cleanup.sh, purge more stuff and be more efficient with the cleanup (only clean this job's leftovers)

JBDS-3208 support running cleanup against an include filter so we need only cleanup a single folder, not everyone else's folders too

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add support for running getProjectRootPomParents.sh against different base folders

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add support for running getProjectRootPomParents.sh against different base folders

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