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Hardwired integration tests to use RedDeer 0.8.0

For Beta2, the tests will always use RedDeer 0.8.0

in all places where master was used.

I could have made sure that all tests are set to use

stable url and changed the stable url to 0.8.0,

but this approach seems easier and fool-proof.

Runtime detection tests maintenance.

Launchers were fixed.

@JRE requirement was added.

Wildfly 9 and Wildfly 9 Web were added.

Tests for servers with Java 6 and Java 7 were fixed.

  1. … 40 more files in changeset.
remove duplicate call to org.codehaus.mojo:properties-maven-plugin:1.0-alpha-2 initialize:read-project-properties

JBIDE-20394 add --del to deployment into mars/snapshots/updates; remove duplicate config inherited from parent pom

JBIDE-20394 use /mars/snapshots/updates/integration-tests/ instead of /updates/nightly/integrationtests/; use no-bootstrap property to disable an on-by-default profile

Central tests readme updated with known issues.

Also small cleanup was done.

use Contexts instead of Context

SOAP Fixes and stability improvements

Initial implementation of HTML5 Central tests.

This implementationis not nice, but working. Will require some cleanup

in near future.

Split REST and SOAP classes, slight structure changes

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
OpenShift v3 tests added

  1. … 73 more files in changeset.
Initial implementation of FeedHenry integration tests.

- New test for the import operation

Test for JBDS-3268 created (Remove Seam from default JBDS installation)

Created OpenShift plugin.

  1. … 112 more files in changeset.
Maven APT tests added

Added requirement for maven repositories

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
AS: Change method openWebPage of JBossServerModule

Freemarker UI tests updated to latest RedDeer API

Hibernate UI tests updated to latest RedDeer API

Update RedDeer master repo url

Hopefully this will be the last change.

Based on discussions in




this should be final url that everybody agreed on.

Use workbenchdialog class in maven tests

AS: Added debug msg for case when project is not built

Strips HTML page content from special character prior comparing

Activates parent window when child window is closed

AS: Added setting of headless mode for mac

Disable LiveReload for BrowserSim before test starts

Adds waits to have proper LiveReload server status displayed

Supports JavaScript usage for checking browser content

Ignores Jbide10020_TestHotKeyForVpeRefresh test

Updates testing URL to load in browsersim