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JBIDE-21269 Updated parent pom to 4.3.1.Beta1

JBIDE-21025: hibernate querying nor content assist is broken

JBIDE-16503 - Empty Hibernate Console Configuration dialog

JBIDE-20954: Update version identifiers to 5.0.1-SNAPSHOT and update parent pom version to 4.3.1.Beta1-SNAPSHOT

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JBIDE-20801: Pack for composite added for dsplaying correctly in unix os

JBIDE-20812 Parent pom -> 4.3.0.Final

JBIDE-20633: Create tests for the GenericExporter facade implementations

JBIDE-20551: Only create one usage event type which includes the Hibernate version as a label (thx akazakov)

JBIDE-20586: Create tests for ForeignKey facade implementations

JBIDE-20551: Add tracking of the Hibernate version that is used by end users

JBIDE-20551: Add dependency on org.jboss.tools.usage

JBIDE-20518: Remove hibernate-build.xml from org.hibernate.eclipse project

JBIDE-20526: Create tests for org.jboss.tools.hibernate.runtime.v_4_3.internal.FacadeFactoryImpl

JBIDE-20526: Create tests for org.jboss.tools.hibernate.runtime.v_4_0.internal.FacadeFactoryImpl

JBIDE-20526: Create tests for org.jboss.tools.hibernate.runtime.v_3_6.internal.FacadeFactoryImpl

JBIDE-20526: Create tests for org.jboss.tools.hibernate.runtime.v_3_5.internal.FacadeFactoryImpl (Part 2)

JBIDE-20526: Create tests for org.jboss.tools.hibernate.runtime.v_3_5.internal.FacadeFactoryImpl (Part 1)

JBIDE-20527: Replace AbstractCfg2HbmToolFacade(IFacadeFactory) constructor by AbstractCfg2HbmToolFacade(IFacadeFactory, Object)

JBIDE-20525: Create tests for IExporter facade implementations

JBIDE-20522: Create tests for IEnvironment facade implementations

JBIDE-20517: Create tests for IEntityMetamodel facade implementations

JBIDE-20462: Create tests for the IDialect facade implementations

JBIDE-20450: Remove Timebomb and excess logging from OpenMappingDiagramTest

JBIDE-20450: Override 'PrintAction.calculateEnabled()'

JBIDE-20450: Remove the logging from DiagramViewer

JBIDE-20450: Create a TimeBomb thread to log the stack info when the lock occurs

JBIDE-20450: Print stack trace before exiting DiagramViewer.getAdapter(Class)

JBIDE-20450: Log result of DiagramViewer.getAdapter(Class)

JBIDE-20450: Add logging before calling super.getAdapter(Class) in DiagramViewer.getAdapter(Class)

JBIDE-20194 fix license feature use (need to include %licenseURL in feature.xml and licenseURL=license.html in feature.properties; also fix %featureName and %providerName in test feature; remove obsolete updateSiteName variables