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Fix reddeer dependency range for batch and arquillian plugin

OpenShift 2 tests fixed

OpenShift smoke suite

Set minimal RedDeer version to 1.0.0 for OpenShift tests and plugin

Added OpenShift tests to create a new OS3 Server adapter

Added license info to classes headers for OpenShift plugin and tests

  1. … 144 more files in changeset.
Set minimum version of RedDeer to 1.0.0 in easymport plugin.

Added New OS 3 server adapter wizard handling tests

Added OpenShift 3 tests for resource modification

Making ProjectTestSuite work from maven.

Update parent pom ref to 4.3.1.Beta2-SNAPSHOT

Added tests to create a new OS 3 app from local template

Additional fixes of hibernate test on jenkins slaves

Missing resource removed from project classpath

Missing src folder for ant file test added

OpenShift 2 and 3 test fixes

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Delete projects via eclipse api

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Runtime detection of CDK added.

FileUtils class created in common plugin.

Removed JBTSuite (was replaced by RedDeerSuite)

Disable VPE dialog for CDI tests

  1. … 99 more files in changeset.
Missing empty folder causing import issue added

Freemarker console test updated to fix test failure on Windows

Changes in runtime tests reflecting new credentials framework.

Stable site to RedDeer 1.0.0 and stable set as default for all UI tests

Deploy Eclipse project to OpenShift tests added and tests fixes

Added dump information for freemarker console text

Error message changes according to CDI version used

Use different unaccessible path for windows machines

assert if view is opened, not active

Removes product property from tycho configuration

Added EclipseCS test for Violations view check