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JBIDE-21400 - solves a class-not-found exception when switching runtime type inside project properties

JBIDE-21470 - MessageBox changed to MessageDialog in ZombieProcessPrompter

JBIDE-21353 - track creation of all server adapters types in usage

JBIDE-21322 - fix wildfly icon to be 16x16 as expected.

JBIDE-21268 - updating root pom to 4.3.1.Beta2-SNAPSHOT

JBIDE-21138 - [REGRESSION] - Openshift experiencing getWelcomePage call in UI thread, leading to slow UI

JBIDE-21285 NPE when opening in editor a server that has no runtime.

JBIDE-21235 Incorrect updating Runtime Enfironment input in server editor

JBIDE-21199 - fix NPE when opening context menu to explore when a server has no runtime

JBIDE-21190 - update wildfly icons

Updated icon to remove server box in 16pixel

JBIDE-21138 - show in web browser action should be disabled for ejb module (or any module with no associated web browser url)

JBIDE-21049 - new schema for inclusion

Update parent pom ref to 4.3.1.Beta1-SNAPSHOT

In the recent nightlies of JBDS 9.1.0.Beta1, the qualifier of all server plugins was Final, which seemed odd. I think this is the correct parent pom to use.

JBIDE-21116 - new xpath dialog cleanup

JBIDE-20740 - fixed Change of JVM Monitor 'Period to Search JVMs on local host' takes effect only after eclipse restart - caused by a new import statement which caused values to be stored in wrong plugin's preference store

Adding a new constructor to server editor widget used to make combo widgets respond to undo command. This new constructor is used for read-only combo boxes with selection listeners instead of modify listeners

JBIDE-20802 - make launchbar safer for legacy module artifacts that cannot serialize


JBIDE-20947 - fixing bad upversion in maintenance, AS project

  1. … 44 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-20974 - Upversion maintenance

  1. … 106 more files in changeset.
JBIDE-20738 part 2 (cleanup)

JBIDE-20741 - endless loop with editor / view setting selections on each other when link-with-editor is enabled

JBIDE-20811 Parent pom -> 4.3.0.Final

JBIDE-20738 - refresh action should be run in background job, until updating widgets

JBIDE-20739 - jvm monitor update period field impossible to make blank while changing value (annoying), also update page enablement for invalid values

JBIDE-20748 "Comparison method violates its general contract!"

Fix deligates long comparison to Long.compare() method.

JBIDE-20581 - capitalization on Wildfly -> WildFly

JBIDE-20510 - fix for not handling spaces in java path, due to incomplete previous patch which was untested on windows

JBIDE-20217 - jvm connection in jmx view should return not debugable if vmmodel is not found in cache

JBIDE-14385 - respect deploy-name of IModule2 interface

Cleanup of a failing test, just replaces multiple spaces with single space

JBIDE-20669 - various NPEs in JMX integration