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JBIDE-19973 use tychoVersion=0.23.1 and upversion to 0.23.1-SNAPSHOT to match Tycho version

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JBIDE-19814 support option to specify the buildinfo.json file instead of a plugin (from whose manifest.mf we'll check for a SHA)

JBIDE-20171 extract method fetchUpstreamSourcesZip so we can fetch sources for a buildinfo.json SHA instead of MANIFEST.MF SHA; if no SHA in MANIFEST.MF, toss a warning and fetch sources from buildinfo.json SHA

add tycho-plugins/repository-utils/src/test/resources/ to tycho-plugins/repository-utils/.classpath

JBIDE-19467 add check for SHA matching Eclipse-SourceReference vs. buildinfo_*.json

swap URL for FileInputStream, per Max's suggestion

Make GenerateRepositoryMojo work with detached HEAD without references

JBIDE-19814 fix threading problem w/ creating zip that includes local sources not completing; fix packing problem (sources zip creation overwrites; fix cache cleanup (only keep one source zip per project)

JBIDE-19814 instead of zip4j, try java.util.zip.ZipFile instead; (per Max) fail build if no values found for projectName or projectSHA


fix comments/formatting and set root folder in zip correctly

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JBIDE-19798 ensure buildinfo dir is created even for JBT component builds

JBIDE-19798 turns out Jenkins might return git@github.com:jbosstools/jbosstools... or git://github.com/jbosstools/jbosstools... so substring this to ensure the test passes anywhere

JBIDE-19798 JBIDE-19814 include buildinfo.json files and local sources (work in progress)

JBIDE-19798 throw IO and UnknownHost exceptions instead of catching them and simply printing a stack trace (per max's suggestion)

JBIDE-19798 instead of git clone, use git archive (which purges dirty changes in files and the .git folder too); reuse findRepoRoot() from GenerateRepositoryFacadeMojo in FetchSourcesFromManifests

JBIDE-19798 move git.properties into src/test/resources; move gitignore instruction to tycho-plugins/repository-utils/

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add missing .project file for root project

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add missing classpath and .project files for discovery-utils

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suppress deprecation warning in target-platform-utils/src/main/java/org/jboss/tools/tycho/targets/FixVersionsMojo.java

fix classpath files

fix classpath files

suppress deprecation warning in target-platform-utils/src/main/java/org/jboss/tools/tycho/targets/FixVersionsMojo.java

add missing classpath and .project files for discovery-utils

add missing .project file for root project

update copyright

update copyright, add TODO markers, remove unused method

fix copyright

remove unused import

include Eclipse cruft so projects build cleanly

remove unneeded imports & suppress unneeded logging

JBIDE-19757 rename site.xml to category.xml so it still tracks what's in the update site (easier to parse than artifacts/content jars) but won't confuse p2

instead of renaming, just use category.xml in the first place as input to xslt tranforms

JBIDE-19756 simplify the way the sources zip is produced, and put everything into a sources/ root folder

variable is fallbackToChild not failbackToChild


JBIDE-19718: failbackToChild property + default value

JBIDE-19467 merge all collected zips into a single one

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JBDS-3361 fix GenerateRepositoryFacadeMojo so it works w/ new path conventions from JBDS-3208

JBDS-3361 replace LATEST_REPO_DIR with param buildInfoJSONPathSuffix

JBIDE-15135 replace HUDSON_SLAVE with HOSTNAME; add link to buildinfo.json on the generated index.html page; add WORKSPACE/user.dir; add tests

JBIDE-15135 add Jenkins variable NODE_NAME, which might be different from HOSTNAME (if not running in Jenkins, for example)

Implemented a flag to warn instead of fail

JBIDE-15135: Imporve parsing of refspec (support slashes)

JBIDE-15135: Prevent from NPE